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KaibCast Week in Review: You Didn’t Build That

Much of the past week’s KaibCasts were devoted to President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” remarks.  Check them out, especially Thursday’s program (which was probably my best for the week).

Monday’s KaibCast: Outsourcer-in-Chief

Host Josh Kaib returns from a lengthy break to discuss the dismal state of the economy, the debate about outsourcing that has engulfed the Presidential campaign, and news that Romney is considering Condoleezza Rice for VP.

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Herman Cain Gets My Vote

Mr. Cain's latest book

If you listened to “Monday’s KaibCast: The Impossible Dream” (10/17), you would have learned that I am supporting Herman Cain for President.  I am a political junkie who is sick of politics.  America needs a principled, well-spoken leader to challenge the President, not some opportunistic shape shifter, psychopathic child hoarder, or incoherent cowboy.  While any of those are preferable to an ideological wealth-destroyer and redistributionist, the GOP can do better.

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