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CPAC and the Future of Conservatism

Check out my latest podcast! I talk about CPAC and play clips from some of the best speeches. You can listen using the embedded player on the right side of the page or by clicking this link. Below the fold, check out video of some of the best speeches at CPAC from potential 2016 contenders.

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Listen, Learn, and Love

Here are some recent KaibCasts that you should must listen to:

The KaibCast: Economic Recovery Reality Check

  • Host Josh Kaib takes an in-depth look at the so-called economic recovery, offers solutions to jump-start job creation, and opines on recent economic data.

The KaibCast: Weiners, Whiners, and Winners

  • Host Josh Kaib talks about Weinergate, media reaction to Sarah Palins bus tour, and the one Republican who has the best chance to defeat President Obama.

The KaibCast: Memorial Day Special

  • Host Josh Kaib honors our fallen heroes while ranting about political stuff.

The KaibCast: Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour and Paul Ryan’s Budget

  • Host Josh Kaib talks about Sarah Palins bus tour and Paul Ryans budget plans (including leftwing reaction to it).

The KaibCast: Netanyahu in Congress and Pawlenty at Cato

  • Host Josh Kaib reacts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus address to Congress and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlentys speech at the Cato Institute.

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When It Comes To The Budget, Who Are The Grownups?

On Tuesday, President Obama held a news conference, which is apparently the best he can do when it comes to showing leadership.

President Barack Obama called on Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders on Tuesday to “act like grown-ups” and put aside their differences on a six-month spending bill.

In an impromptu news conference at the White House, Obama bluntly criticized the pace of talks and argued it is up to himself, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to quickly come to terms on a bill to avoid a government shutdown. Continue reading

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Lies About a Government Shutdown and Paul Ryan’s Budget

UPDATE: No shutdown, check out this blog post for more.

The original post is below.

Will the federal government shut down?  Democrats have been fear-mongering, claiming that a government shutdown will hurt people.  According to them, the F.B.I. will stop working, Social Security checks will stop going out, and so on.

But that isn’t true.  In the past, government shutdowns have NEVER done this.  Check out this great political cartoon from the Examiner’s Nate Beeler:

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