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Florida Pastor Burns Koran, Muslims Kill People

Remember that idiot “Pastor” from Florida who wanted to burn Korans?  Because of the public outcry, he didn’t.  Until last week.

The Rev. Terry Jones had threatened to burn the text in September, in the midst of a controversy over plans to develop an Islamic center near the site of the September 2001 terrorist attacks in Manhattan. He was eventually dissuaded through the pleas of religious leaders and government officials, including a phone call from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

But when Jones announced in January that he was going to “put the Koran on trial,” he said he didn’t hear a single complaint. On March 20, Jones dressed in a judicial robe and ordered a copy of the Koran to be torched in a portable fire pit.

“It’s like people forgot about us,” Jones said Saturday. “But we kept doing what we do.”

The world was reminded of the 30-person Christian congregation at Dove World Outreach Center on Friday, when a mob incited by the burning of the Koran attacked a U.N. compound in Mazar-e Sharif, killing seven U.N. employees. On Saturday, related protests in Kandahar left nine dead and more than 90 injured.

Now everyone is blaming Rev. Jones for the violence.  General David Petraeus says the Koran burning endangers the war effort:

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Rep. Peter King Threatened Ahead of Radical Islam Hearings

Congressman Peter King’s radical Islam hearings have led to violent threats against him.  Islam is a “religion of peace” after all:

In a chilling development before his hearings Thursday on Islam in America, Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., has received numerous threatening phone calls, some from overseas. The calls have spurred increased police protection for the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, The Hill reports.

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