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CPAC and the Future of Conservatism

Check out my latest podcast! I talk about CPAC and play clips from some of the best speeches. You can listen using the embedded player on the right side of the page or by clicking this link. Below the fold, check out video of some of the best speeches at CPAC from potential 2016 contenders.

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CPAC Recap, Day Three

The best parts were Rep. Allen West, Rep. Connie Mack,  Betsey McCaughey (during the ObamaCare panel), and Ann Coulter.  Pat Boone was pretty good too but I was the only young person there who heard of him.  The worst part was Ron Paul winning the straw poll.

I am tired and don’t feel like writing more.  Tune in to a special Sunday edition of The KaibCast at 6 PM eastern for a full re-cap of CPAC.  And why don’t you head over to my main KaibCast show page and check out some old episodes of The KaibCast.

If you listen to Saturday’s show, you need to fast forward to the 21 minute mark to listen to my initial reaction.  Otherwise you’ll be listening to a bunch of garbled clapping from the floor at CPAC during the Allen West speech.  I thought putting my phone on speaker would help you hear Rep. West’s speech, but I probably should have just kept it on regular.  No big deal, unless you were trying to listen live.

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CPAC Recap, Day Two

Day two of CPAC was filled with serious Presidential candidates and sideshow libertarians.

On the Presidential side, Mitt Romney, John Thune, and Time Pawlenty all gave pretty good speeches.  Gov. Romney came out swinging at President Obama, proving that he’s capable of facing off with Obama in a Presidential contest.  He didn’t announce his candidacy, but he certainly hinted at it.  The Daily Caller, in their coverage of CPAC, noted how Romney criticized Obama for adopting European-style policies:

Romney attacked Obama’s economic policies and said the president should stop looking to failed European socialist and big government models for ways to fix unemployment problems. He said Obama should have had more to say than, “It could be worse.”

“What’s next? Let them eat cake?” Romney said. “Excuse me, let them eat organic cake?”

The audience got a good laugh from that organic cake line.  Prior to saying that, Romney had made fun of Michelle Obama’s organic garden and joked that, as part of his calculated move to the center, Obama “was going to dig up the First Lady’s organic garden to put in a Bob’s Big Boy.”

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CPAC Recap, Day One

So today was the first day of CPAC.  I wasn’t there for most of it, and if you listened to tonight’s KaibCast, you know that I saw a bunch of “famous” people.  You also know that I am strongly supportive of GOProud’s participation at the conference.  I want to make myself clear, because what I said during The KaibCast might be misinterpreted.  I don’t think that opponents of same-sex marriage are bigoted.

Just the people who use the term “homosexual agenda” when describing GOProud’s participation in CPAC.  “Homosexual agenda” implies that some nefarious plot exists to turn everyone at CPAC gay (or something like that).  Anyway, it makes GOProud sound like a menacing organization.  That is not the case, and those that strongly oppose GOProud’s participation need to grow up and meet people from the real world who don’t fit into their cookie cutter vision of the world.  Gay conservatives are conservatives, too.

Anyway, I’ll be at CPAC all day Friday and Saturday and will host “The KaibCast” live from CPAC both days.  I expect to do the show at 6 PM both days, but you never know.  The key-note speech on Saturday isn’t until 5:30 PM (if they stay on schedule) so I might be pushing that back to 6:30.

Here’s all the archived video of today’s festivities (courtesy http://video.cpac.org)

Archived Video of CPAC 2011 Speeches

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CPAC 2011 Coverage

The Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off this Thursday and runs through Saturday.  I’ll be going to the conference each day, so expect a fair amount of blogging about CPAC.  I’ll also be hosting The KaibCast on location.

Check out my coverage from CPAC day 1: https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/cpac-recap-day-one/

And here’s my coverage of CPAC day 2: https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/cpac-recap-day-two/

Day 3:  https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/cpac-recap-day-three/

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