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Breaking: Kathleen Parker Will No Longer Appear On TV Next To Hooker-Humper

"Come on, Kathleen. Just this once. I promise to wear my black socks."

CNN has announced that current “Parker Spitzer” co-host Kathleen Parker will be leaving the program but will continue to contribute to CNN.  The 8 PM show is being renamed “In The Arena” and will be solo hosted by disgraced hooker-humper Eliot Spitzer, who proved himself to be more adept at TV than Parker, who sucked.

Here’s how Mediaite described the news:

After months of turbulence at CNN’s Parker Spitzer, the network will drop co-host Kathleen Parker from the show, according to sources and a memo released to CNN staff. Eliot Spitzer will continue with the show. “I wish Kathleen all the best in continuing on with her spectacular career. It has been a joy working with her as a teammate, and I continue to be a huge fan of the wisdom that jumps from her written work and the wit, charm and insight she brings to all that she does,” said Spitzer in a statement.  According to CNN chief Ken Jautz, the new show will be solo-anchored by Spitzer and an “ensemble format” of contributors and be called In the Arena. The new show debuts Monday.

The full press release after the jump:

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Controversy Errupts Over Dylan Ratigan’s ‘Steel on Wheels’ Program

The Associated Press has a story about controversy surrounding a show on MSNBC (Maybe Should Not Be a Channel). Dylan Ratigan, who hosts the network’s 4 PM Eastern program, did a feature story on Nucor Corp, which also serves as a sponsor for the show.  Thus, controversy (hat tip to ICN):

MSNBC aired a feature touting a company’s “incredible” steel-making process this week, two months after saying the company would be its partner on a reporting trip about the American economy.The five-minute feature on Nucor Corp. on Wednesday’s edition of “The Dylan Ratigan Show” raised questions about whether a news organization was granting positive publicity to a company in return for financial help.

MSNBC didn’t address what the partnership entailed, either in host Dylan Ratigan’s story or in its December announcement of his “Steel on Wheels” reporting trip. A network spokeswoman, Lauren Skowronski, said Thursday that MSNBC would not comment on what Nucor provided.

The Nucor story, posted Thursday on the Mediaite website, featured Ratigan on the floor of Nucor’s steel-making plant in Seattle. Ratigan reported on the company’s use of recycled materials, calling it an “incredible process that transforms piles of scrap metal, shredded cars, washing machines into valuable steel products.”

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