My Latest Literary Creations

Long story, but the other day I decided to jot down a few poems.  Sometimes when prose fails me, a little poetry brightens the day.

Future’s Past

Whatever you’ve got,
It’s never enough.
Don’t live your life
Just gathering stuff.

Live every day
as though it’s your last.
Don’t ever forget
the present is the future’s past.
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My Most Recent “Right Wing Blog” Posts

Sorry I haven’t been blogging here lately. I was busy blogging over at The Right Wing Blog.  Check out some of my recent posts:

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Why Did the Anti-Brewer Protesters Gather Outside of Kay? (Video)

Chris Litchfield Resigns, Calls AUCRs Racist, Proves That a “Dialogue” Would be Stupid

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Andrew Breitbart, Rest in Peace

RIP Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

I was stunned by the news that Andrew Breitbart died. He was a warrior, fighting for the soul of America, and he will be greatly missed.

He contributed his energy, creativity, and bravery to the conservative movement.  He worked to bring more people into the conservative fold.  He fought for the culture, which he correctly saw as America’s most powerful export.  He battled the left, using their tactics against them and fighting fire with fire.

Our country has lost a determined citizen activist, one who put everything on the line to stand on principle.

Conservatives have lost a true ally and friend, a happy warrior who lived for the battle but fought for a purpose.

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Reflections on the Republican Nomination Process

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Let’s just admit it.  We have a pretty stupid process of choosing the Republican nominee.  The Democrats’ process is even more fouled up and overcomplicated, but at least they don’t have to go through with it this time around.  We Republicans, on the other hand, are stuck with a terrible process for choosing the best person to face off against President Obama.

First off, I’d like to know why Iowa and New Hampshire deserve to be first.  Do they have higher IQs?  Are they better judges of character?  Did God grant them the first Caucuses and Primaries just as he gave the Israelites their homeland?  I don’t think so.  These two small states are not representative of the country and do not deserve to be first in line just because they have laid claim to it.

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Why Herman Cain No Longer Gets My Vote (And Why It’s Good He’s Dropping Out)

Perhaps it was a mistake for me to jump on the Cain Train.  By now, you’ve all seen the implosion of the Cain campaign, and it is quite clear that Mr. Cain was never quite ready for primetime.

Here are the reasons why I can no longer support Mr. Cain for President:

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Food Police State

Originally posted at The Right Wing Blog

The problem for me is not that Congress classified pizza as a vegetable, but that it was voting on the issue at all.

The House of Representatives dealt a blow to childhood obesity warriors on Thursday by passing a bill that abandons proposals that threatened to end the reign of pizza and French fries on federally funded school lunch menus.

The scuttled changes, which would have stripped pizza’s status as a vegetable and limited how often French fries could be served, stemmed from a 2010 child nutrition law calling on schools to improve the nutritional quality of lunches served to almost 32 million U.S. school children.

The action is a win for the makers of frozen French fries and pizza and comes just weeks after the deep-pocketed food, beverage and restaurant industries successfully weakened government proposals for voluntary food marketing guidelines to children.

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Occupy Parasites Harass Defenders of the American Dream

Originally posted at The Right Wing Blog

The mature and responsible “Occupy” movement has so far done an effective job of spreading its message through the use of offbeat drum circles, incoherent chants, and illiterate signs.

Now the occupiers, who are already economically terrorizing the nation (lost business for establishments near the protests, higher security and sanitation costs for local governments, etc), have begun to physically terrorize hard-working Americans as well.

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