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Smelly Mob Descends on D.C.

An idiot who can't spell "Tahrir" properly. (Getty Images)

The anti-capitalist, class warfare-waging hippies who are “occupying” Wall Street have inspired like-minded mental midgets to descend on over 30 American cities, including Washington.  While they are finally protesting in a deserving city (the federal government deserves more blame for our economic woes than Wall Street), the “Occupy Insert City Here” crowd continues to baffle observers, left and right.

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Short Takes: 3/23/11

The battle over light bulbs is heating up. The energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, signed by President Bush, makes the traditional 100-watt incandescent bulb obsolete.  Instead, we are stuck with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), which are much more efficient but made in China instead of the U.S. like many incandescent bulbs.  I don’t have a problem with the CFLs, but I don’t like the government deciding what kind of bulbs Americans can buy, especially when U.S. jobs are at stake.

President Obama has done more to destroy American offshore drilling (and the accompanying jobs) than any other President in history.  Yet, while on his spring break to Rio, he promised to help the Brazilians with their offshore drilling.  Gee, thanks Mr. President.  Why don’t you focus on helping America first!!??? He actually said “when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.”  We should be buying our own oil from our own offshore drilling.  Obama seriously has issues with America, but not with the rest of the world.  Sorry, but no President before Obama would kill American offshore drilling and then offer to prop up Brazil’s.

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So, How’s That Nuclear Meltdown Goin’?

Remember last week, before the Libya bombings?  Weren’t we talking about an imminent nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Hmm. I wonder what happened with that:

Amazing, isn’t it, what a little light military intervention can do to a nuclear crisis?

One minute, the world is facing nuclear meltdown armageddon to rank with – ooh, Three Mile Island at the very least, and quite possibly Chernobyl. A few (shockingly expensive) missile strikes over Benghazi and Tripoli later, though, and the Japanese nuclear crisis has all but vanished from the face of the earth.

Maybe we should start small wars more often. Or maybe – even better – the MSM could learn to start reporting on nuclear incidents like journalists instead of activists from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

That’s from James Delingpole, one of the guys that I’ve been trusting on this Japanese nuclear issue.  He is exactly right about the media, which have, for the most part, alarmed people about the threat of a nuclear meltdown.  I can understand why some Japanese might be concerned, but when Californians are rushing en masse to buy iodide pills, something must be wrong.

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Around The World In 80 Words

President Obama is in Brazil.  After meeting with that country’s President, Dilma Rousseff, he reinforced that the “people of Libya must be protected.”

In Libya, French warplanes (yes, they have those) targeted Qaddafi’s forces because they are not following the cease-fire.

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Inconvenient Truth: Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear

Inconvenient Truth: Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear |


There has been quite a bit of hysteria among some major media outlets in the past few days regarding the potential dangers of nuclear power. Some have even suggested that the benefits of nuclear energy do not outweigh its potential dangers to human life.

The dangers of nuclear power, while serious, need to be put in perspective. To that end, here’s an interesting fact you won’t be hearing from the mainstream press: wind energy has killed more Americans than nuclear energy.

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Wednesday’s Only Post

I have stuff to do, so I’ll keep this brief.

First, my obligatory KaibCast plug.  Tonight’s KaibCast is LIVE at 6 PM Eastern (like almost always).  You can also listen to the program after it airs live.  I’ll be talking about whatever I feel like talking about.  Here’s the web address:

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Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Fears Are Overblown, And We Cannot Afford To Take Nukes Off The Table

Even if there is a meltdown, it won’t be a major catastrophe.  The Chernobyl meltdown, much worse than whatever will happen in Japan, didn’t even cause that much damage.  People think it was a horrendously deadly meltdown, and although it wasn’t a good thing, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you have been led to believe (from Roddy Campbell writing for The Telegraph):

We seemed to have just reached the point where civil nuclear power was acceptable in polite society again, as decades on the fears that accompanied Three Mile Island and Chernobyl abated, CO2 emissions fears placed environmental advocacy groups in a cleft stick of nuclear versus global warming, and increasing demand for energy, and energy security concerns drive government policy.  The UK has plans to replace its ageing fleet of reactors, the US likewise, and China is already building new nuclear power stations, even green Germany has extended the life of its nuclear generating capacity.

Now we have an earthquake in Japan, possibly causing meltdown at a number of nuclear reactors, whose safety systems seem not to be working too well, and we may be back to square one.

So, how dangerous is it, either when there is massive operator error, like Chernobyl, or an exogenous event, like the earthquake in Japan?  We don’t know yet about Japan, although most expert commentary seems reasonably relaxed about the radiation risks in the event of core melt-down.  What do we know about Chernobyl?

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