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Short Takes: 4/8/11

I’m lazy because it’s Friday, so I won’t be writing any long posts about stuff (Oh, well. I got worked up about the budget and had to write about it here).  And yes, I realize that I haven’t done any “Around the World in 80 Words” posts lately, but that’s because I don’t have an intern whom I could foist the responsibility onto.  So here’s the first “Short Takes” in a while.

Story one:

Is Japan hiding a nuclear weapons program inside power plants?  That’s what some guy I never heard of is asking at ‘New American Media,” whatever that is.  I only find this story interesting because I like conspiracy theories.  I’m no Alex Jones, and I don’t normally believe the crazy stories, but I still like reading about them and imagining that they’re real.

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Short Takes: 3/24/11

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has kind of announced that she’s running for President.  I say “kind of” because she only announced that she plans to announce her candidacy some time in the summer.  So she’s running, but it won’t be official for a while. Let’s face it. The process of picking a President is a silly game, so candidates take forever to actually officially run.  It’s like the pool water is cold and they are taking their time getting in, rather than jumping in the deep end.  Anyway, you can read my reaction to Bachmann’s candidacy here.

Sarah Palin, after being called a vulgar word by former comedian Bill Maher, did not seek a condemnation by the National Organization for Women. NOW is a lefty group that has mostly ignored the vicious attacks on conservative women.  This time, however, after pressure from conservatives, NOW has condemned Bill Maher. Palin, however, doesn’t want NOW’s support, saying “I Need NOW’s Defense Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.” I guess that means she doesn’t need NOW on her side, although a fish riding a bicycle would be pretty cool.

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Short Takes: 3/23/11

The battle over light bulbs is heating up. The energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, signed by President Bush, makes the traditional 100-watt incandescent bulb obsolete.  Instead, we are stuck with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), which are much more efficient but made in China instead of the U.S. like many incandescent bulbs.  I don’t have a problem with the CFLs, but I don’t like the government deciding what kind of bulbs Americans can buy, especially when U.S. jobs are at stake.

President Obama has done more to destroy American offshore drilling (and the accompanying jobs) than any other President in history.  Yet, while on his spring break to Rio, he promised to help the Brazilians with their offshore drilling.  Gee, thanks Mr. President.  Why don’t you focus on helping America first!!??? He actually said “when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.”  We should be buying our own oil from our own offshore drilling.  Obama seriously has issues with America, but not with the rest of the world.  Sorry, but no President before Obama would kill American offshore drilling and then offer to prop up Brazil’s.

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Short Takes: 3/21/11

A union mob, on strike from Pocono Medical Center, stormed into a Northeastern PA bank, demanding to meet with the bank’s CEO, who also happens to be the hospital’s chairman of the board.  I’m surprised they were so uncivil. Not.

Ralph Nader thinks Obama should be impeached for war crimes.  Silly me, thinking Obama wasn’t aggressive enough in taking military action. Personally, I wish Obama was committing more “war crimes.” By the way, why are radical lefties the only people worried about so-called war crimes? Because they invented the loaded term, those pinko bastards!  (I’m being facetious. Okay, only a little facetious.)

Sarah Palin, while visiting New Delhi (she heard they had good salami), claimed the Republican ticket in 08 would have done better if she was on top instead of McCain.  I’m pretty sure she was joking, but for some reason the people that never take her seriously have suddenly decided to take her seriously, suggesting that she was taking a dig at John McCain.

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Short Takes: 10/13/10

  1. Trapped miners are being rescued in Chile.  I’m wondering if the miners are chilly after being in the mine for over two months.  Last night, there was a lot of compelling TV coverage, including this exchange that Fox News reporter Adam Housley had with a sister of a trapped miner.
  2. CA gubernatorial candidates fight over a whore.
  3. Federal Judge orders the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  When asked for further comment on the decision, the judge refused to tell.
  4. SC Senate candidate Alvin Greene put his porn down for an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.
  5. Michelle Obama, more popular than her husband, makes some campaign stops for troubled Dems.


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Short Takes: 10/5/10

  1. An American man was shot to death by Mexican pirates,  now the victim’s family wants Obama to get involved.  I guess since Obama has such a great track-record with solving problems… Oh, wait, never mind.  Although I still want to know what hat a Mexican pirate wears:  sombrero or tricorne?
  2. An opposition leader in Iran has called for a referendum on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy, calling it “destructive.”  He won’t be alive much longer, or will go into “hiding.”  Or, if this actually gets to a vote, the revolutionary guard will conveniently “misplace” all the votes against Ahmadinejad.  “Praise be to Allah!  100% of Iranians support me.  Now excuse me for a moment while I order a nuclear attack  against Israel.  Free pork sandwiches for everyone!”
  3. Rick Sanchez has apologized to Jon Stewart.  He has yet to apologize to CNN viewers, who were forced to put up with his ridiculous antics for far too long.
  4. Parker Spitzer debuted on CNN last night.  It was as creepy, and boring, as expected.

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Short Takes: 10/1/10

  1. Just 39 percent of Americans would reelect Obama.  Ouch.  Apparently we don’t like a President who “fundamentally transform(s)” the country.
  2. A crackdown on Wall Street pay is coming.  At least they’ll do it to Fannie and Freddie too.  Also, Liz MacDonald is one of my favorite financial reporters.
  3. Ecuador is a mess right now; Police attack the President.  Apparently it’s not a good idea to stop giving cops their raises.  This wouldn’t happen in America.  Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is on twitter.  Two questions:  Is it sad that a tinpot dictator like Chavez has more followers than me?   And does he let his citizens speak out against him on twitter?  I hope the answers are no and yes, but they’re probably the reverse.
  4. Supporting Obama is like freeing slaves.  I don’t wanna go there.  But really?  Does that make me a slave owner?
  5. NATO attack in Pak.  Great.  Maybe fighting a protracted war in that region isn’t such a great idea.
  6. Rahmbo leaves the White House.  Big loss for O.  This guy had a penchant for 4-letter words and leaks to the press.  I don’t know who will miss him more, the media or the President.

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