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President Obama is the Greatest President Ever

The vast right-wing conspiracy continues to hammer President Obama.  These brain dead, knuckle-dragging, right-wing fascists continue to spread lies and misinformation.  I want to clear things up for these corporate-loving, worker-hating Nazis.

President Obama has faced more difficult situations than any other President ever.  Not only did he inherit a recession, but also two wars.  The right-wing white supremacists claim that Obama made the economy worse and that Obama has expanded our overseas wars.  That, my comrades, is not true.  Thanks to Obama, our economy is the strongest it has ever been.  Obama has literally created a trillion new jobs, but the corporations that run the Republican party have destroyed these jobs by insisting on making profits.

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A Coming Change, or, A New Hope

This is a short story that I wrote for a class.  I like it, but you might not.  You should read it anyway.  I don’t want to give you any background about the piece because I want to see if you understand or “get” this piece.  I don’t know, maybe it sucks.

It’s nearly winter, and as the tall, graying man walks up the steps to his living quarters, he’s winded.  The stress these past few years has been unbearable.  Not only is he responsible for sending employees into difficult situations oversees, but he’s got a budget in the red, revenues that are shrinking, health care costs that are rising, and bosses who aren’t very happy with his performance.  The recession has not been kind to him.  As he reaches the final step, the man is greeted by his wife, none too pleased that he’s late for dinner.

“Pumski, what took you so long in the office?”

“Just had some issues to deal with.  Working with the communications department on our PR campaign.  So what’s for dinner?”

“I had the cook make your favorite.  Shrimp and grits.  No one else in this house eats it, so they also made us some burgers and fries.  Anyway, the girls are watching Hannah Montana.  Can you get them to the table for me?  I’m exhausted after a long day of working on my initiatives to get people to eat healthier foods.”

“Alright, then.  I’ll get the girls.”

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