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Lance Armstrong Does Not Speak For Everyone With Cancer

Politico, a formerly respected political publication that now gets by with nothing but left-wing hackery, published a story about alleged cheater Lance Armstrong, who fashions himself the spokesman for all people who have or have had cancer.  We get it, Lance, you only have one ball.  Now go back to riding a bike.

Anyway, in reaction to Rep. Steve King calling Obamacare a “malignant tumor,” Armstrong called that a “poor choice” of words.  The left-wing hacks at Politico even got the American Cancer Society to chime in, whose spokesman said Congressman King was trying to “capitalize on the fact, that he knows, that cancer is the most-feared disease by the American public.”

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The Obama-Gaddafi Connection

Although this sounds a lot like the Bush-bin Laden link that 9/11 truthers have alleged, there is a convincing connection between President Obama and Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi.  No one is implying that Obama is friends with Gaddafi, or that Obama is even sympathetic to him (although they both have huge egos), but there is just a few degrees of separation between them:

To a great many Americans, President Obama’s response to the Libyan crisis has been puzzling. First, dithering. No response. The White House claimed “scheduling problems” for the president’s no-show. Then, wimpy calls for Libyan government restraint and an end to the violence, never mentioning the “mad-dog” tyrant by name. Then, finally, following the lead of normally-reluctant-to-do-anything-whatsoever Europeans, Obama declared “time for Gaddafi to go.” Then, military moves with warships. Then, Secretary Clinton says we must wait for the UN and move only in an internationally coordinated way to aid anti-Gaddafi forces. Now, Obama’s director of national intelligence tells Congress (and the entire world) that Gaddafi will win and the rebels will lose.

Still, the blood flows at Gaddafi’s orders. News leaked out nearly two weeks ago that desperate rebels were begging the U.S. for military intervention. “Send Bush,” they pleaded!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, where the cowboy is no longer in charge, President Obama held a Motown soiree, danced the night away, and a day later served a sumptuous lunch to the nation’s governors while giving them lots of unasked-for advice. Instead of meeting reporters head-on to talk about the Libyan crisis, Obama sent out his new press secretary to fumble the ball. Then, Obama met with the president of Mexico, again, and, no doubt, offered to sue a couple more states. Obama took one question from the American press and it was something to do with an NFL union dispute. Now, the president is off on the campaign trail and planning his basketball party.

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So, How’s That Nuclear Meltdown Goin’?

Remember last week, before the Libya bombings?  Weren’t we talking about an imminent nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Hmm. I wonder what happened with that:

Amazing, isn’t it, what a little light military intervention can do to a nuclear crisis?

One minute, the world is facing nuclear meltdown armageddon to rank with – ooh, Three Mile Island at the very least, and quite possibly Chernobyl. A few (shockingly expensive) missile strikes over Benghazi and Tripoli later, though, and the Japanese nuclear crisis has all but vanished from the face of the earth.

Maybe we should start small wars more often. Or maybe – even better – the MSM could learn to start reporting on nuclear incidents like journalists instead of activists from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

That’s from James Delingpole, one of the guys that I’ve been trusting on this Japanese nuclear issue.  He is exactly right about the media, which have, for the most part, alarmed people about the threat of a nuclear meltdown.  I can understand why some Japanese might be concerned, but when Californians are rushing en masse to buy iodide pills, something must be wrong.

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What Happened During the Islamic Radicalization Hearing?

Well, it wasn’t 21st century McCarthyism like leftists and terrorist-sympathizers predicted it would be.

Rather than detail everything that happened (if you want that, listen to Friday’s KaibCast (it is just 30 minutes long), which included a report from FNC’s Catherine Herridge), I want to expose the lies of one man who testified, Rep. Keith Ellison.

Below is video from the hearing:

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Hollywood Single Mothers Are Destroying America

Defending the traditional American family is not for the feint of heart.  Whatever you do, don’t claim that single motherhood is bad for society, because you will be labeled a bigot and a woman-hater.  That’s a shame, because single motherhood is especially bad for women. In fact, speaking out against single motherhood is not anti-woman, but pro-woman.

Let me explain.  Raising a child alone puts way too much pressure on the mother.  She works multiple jobs to get by while her child doesn’t get the proper upbringing to mold him into an fine, upstanding citizen.

The men get off the hook.  They can impregnate as many women as they want and just run away.  This is part of what has destroyed the urban inner city.  Kids are growing up without father figures, which leads them to a life of crime.  THIS MUST STOP.

New York Post writer Andrea Peyser recently reacted to the anger that erupted regarding some comments from assumed 2012 contender Mike Huckabee:

It’s tragic but true. Holly wood speaks. Trailer parks listen.

From Los Angeles to Har lem to the Upper East Side, the population went spastic when presidential maybe Mike Huckabee uttered a ticklish truth last week about the rich, preggers and proudly unmarried Oscar winner, Natalie Portman.

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Rep. Peter King Threatened Ahead of Radical Islam Hearings

Congressman Peter King’s radical Islam hearings have led to violent threats against him.  Islam is a “religion of peace” after all:

In a chilling development before his hearings Thursday on Islam in America, Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., has received numerous threatening phone calls, some from overseas. The calls have spurred increased police protection for the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, The Hill reports.

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Eric Holder: Our Race Baiting Attorney General

Attorney General Eric Holder, who resembles Oprah’s long-time boyfriend Stedman Graham, is a race baiter.  He has been a failure as AG and should resign.  Jeffrey Kuhner, writing for The Washington Times, agrees with me:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. should resign. He is a disgrace to his office and to his country.

Mr. Holder is a race baiter. On Tuesday, he testified during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on the voting rights case involving members of the New Black Panther Party. In the 2008 election, Black Panthers – dressed in military fatigues and wielding a club – threatened voters at a Philadelphia polling station. They denounced the voters as “crackers” and vowed those voters would not be allowed to help defeat then-candidate Barack Obama. Their goal was to bully and intimidate. This was a clear case of violation of voting rights. Such behavior may occur with impunity in banana republics – not in the world’s leading democracy.

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