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My Stories on Watchdog Wire

Boy, has it been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve been doing some writing at Watchdog Wire, so check out my stories at this link or click on the headlines below the fold:

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Upcoming Stuff

Thursday:  Recently scheduled KaibCast (at the regular time, 6 PM Eastern. If you can’t listen live you can listen to it later)

Friday:  KaibCast

Saturday: Special Saturday edition of the KaibCast

Next Week: No Show until Thursday

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ATM Flashback: Cenk Uyger is an Asshole

Since I’m too busy/too lazy this week to create any original blog content, I’m looking back at the first eight months of the new ATM.  For those of you who’ve been following me since my nascent blogging days, you know that I originally started blogging back in February of 2008.

When I moved to Washington, I relaunched the blog with a new, more sophisticated design.  Since then, I’ve been blogging away, putting the liberal corruptocrats and their liberal media P.R. team in my sights.

Here’s a post from December that I encourage you to check out:

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No Blogging 4/18-4/22

I have stuff to do.  I won’t be blogging unless some pretty crazy stuff happens.  Like Armageddon or something.  But I’ll be tweeting, so you should follow me on twitter.

No KaibCast until Friday.  In the meantime you should listen to any recent shows that you’ve missed.  The post directly below this one has links to last week’s programs.

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No Blogging Thursday

I won’t be blogging Thursday.  There will also be no KaibCast.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

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Wednesday’s Only Post

I have stuff to do, so I’ll keep this brief.

First, my obligatory KaibCast plug.  Tonight’s KaibCast is LIVE at 6 PM Eastern (like almost always).  You can also listen to the program after it airs live.  I’ll be talking about whatever I feel like talking about.  Here’s the web address:

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Yes, I’m Really Running For President (Not Really)

In order to bring a fresh perspective to the 2012 Presidential contest, I will be covering it as though I were a candidate.  I have officially formed an advisory panel which will look into creating a campaign working group which will recommend if I should form an exploratory committee which will ultimately decide if I should join the race for the GOP nomination.  No, I won’t really be running.  But by pretending to, I will be able to offer criticisms of the candidates in an original way and offer up potential solutions to the many problems facing our nation.  The blogosphere is filled with lots of boring political commentary.  I’m going to make sure that the 2012 election isn’t boring.

My “campaign” website is here:

And here’s the awesome KaibCast from Wednesday night (featuring new open and close music):

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