The American Truth Machine is a blog created by Josh Kaib and dedicated to cutting through the mainstream media spin.  Too often the elite media distort the truth or cover up the facts in order to advance their liberal agenda.  This blog is devoted to exposing the lies and revealing the truth.

Weekly features include “The KaibCast Week in Review,” which is a great way for fans of the popular podcast to make sure they never miss a moment of KaibCast greatness, and “The Truth,” which is a longer-form opinion post that is typically released over the weekend and designed to complement the op-eds you might read in the Sunday paper.

Frequent features include “Around the World in 80 Words,” which allows Josh to share global stories that he might not have time to write about, and “Short Takes,” which gives Josh a chance to briefly comment on stories that he isn’t writing longer posts about.

Of course, Josh and the occasional guest blogger (okay, there are never any guest bloggers) post plenty of regular stuff on the blog, sometimes long soliloquies of smartness, other times short dispatches of  displeasure.

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