My Latest Literary Creations

Long story, but the other day I decided to jot down a few poems.  Sometimes when prose fails me, a little poetry brightens the day.

Future’s Past

Whatever you’ve got,
It’s never enough.
Don’t live your life
Just gathering stuff.

Live every day
as though it’s your last.
Don’t ever forget
the present is the future’s past.

Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)

Time is what I need.
A commodity that bleeds.
As darkness ends the day,
No time to plant the seeds

But turn myself around
And lay my body down,
As light destroys the night,
My day begins without a frown.

But soon I will return
to bed, and then an urn.
Just hope what time I had
I was smart enough to learn.

Late for Class

Sitting here,
Passing time.
Wasting life
Should be a crime.

Stuff to do,
But it can wait.
Leave for class,
Or I’ll be late.

A Weight on the World

Feeling crushed
A weight so heavy
More burdens levied

Thought control
And regulation
Not the way
To lead a nation

Sunny with Other Money

Making money
Not a crime.
Pay your tribute
Keep a dime.

With less wealth
In the aggregate,
No more welfare.
Throw a fit.

Vote for O,
He’ll make it sunny!
(By spending all
Of others’ money)

If you don’t,
You are a racist.
So time to change
And become a statist.

So let’s all slow-jam
Instead of leading.
Thank you all
again for reading.

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