Andrew Breitbart, Rest in Peace

RIP Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

I was stunned by the news that Andrew Breitbart died. He was a warrior, fighting for the soul of America, and he will be greatly missed.

He contributed his energy, creativity, and bravery to the conservative movement.  He worked to bring more people into the conservative fold.  He fought for the culture, which he correctly saw as America’s most powerful export.  He battled the left, using their tactics against them and fighting fire with fire.

Our country has lost a determined citizen activist, one who put everything on the line to stand on principle.

Conservatives have lost a true ally and friend, a happy warrior who lived for the battle but fought for a purpose.

As an aspiring Andrew Breitbart wannabe, this is a personal loss as well.  He stood up to the progressive mob, bravely going head to head with anyone who was willing to engage with him.  He fought the liberal media, battled the political establishment, and got results.

I pray that I can be as effective a warrior as he, and that this sense of loss is transformed into determination and strength.

But the biggest loss of all is to his close friends and family.  They knew him to be a loving, caring man.  He is survived by his wife and four children.  They remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Andrew Breitbart, rest in peace.  May we carry on your mission and do justice to your legacy.

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