Occupy Parasites Harass Defenders of the American Dream

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The mature and responsible “Occupy” movement has so far done an effective job of spreading its message through the use of offbeat drum circles, incoherent chants, and illiterate signs.

Now the occupiers, who are already economically terrorizing the nation (lost business for establishments near the protests, higher security and sanitation costs for local governments, etc), have begun to physically terrorize hard-working Americans as well.

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One response to “Occupy Parasites Harass Defenders of the American Dream

  1. criscocorner

    I disagree! Occupy Wall Street is a direct response to this

    It is Olbermann! You probably do not like Olbermann, but Occupy Wall Street is direct response of the left to deal with the Wall Street. It is a call to the street and Occupy answered the call.