Herman Cain Gets My Vote

Mr. Cain's latest book

If you listened to “Monday’s KaibCast: The Impossible Dream” (10/17), you would have learned that I am supporting Herman Cain for President.  I am a political junkie who is sick of politics.  America needs a principled, well-spoken leader to challenge the President, not some opportunistic shape shifter, psychopathic child hoarder, or incoherent cowboy.  While any of those are preferable to an ideological wealth-destroyer and redistributionist, the GOP can do better.

So I am endorsing Herman Cain for President, but he’ll have to work hard to maintain my support.  He’ll have to weather the attacks against him from his opponents in the Republican primary race, liberal media, academia, and left-wing black groups, all of which are threatened by a Cain candidacy.  I believe that Cain is able to overcome these obstacles, just as he beat the odds to graduate college, advance in the corporate world, revitalize 450 Burger King franchises, rebuild Godfather’s Pizza, expand the reach and influence of the National Restaurant Association, help defeat the Clinton healthcare plan, rise to the Chairmanship of the Kansas City Fed, and survive metastasized stage IV colon cancer.

Now he’s beating the odds again, leading in the latest Zogby poll with 45% of the support among likely Republican primary voters.  Whether he can maintain his front-runner status remains to be seen, but Hermain Cain has always been one to dream the impossible dream, fight the unbeatable foe, and reach the unreachable star.



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