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The Return of Keith Olbermann

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From NoisyRoom.net

Monday night, the wait was finally over. Countdown with Keith Olbermann premiered on its new home, Current TV, the channel co-founded by Al Gore. Keith Olbermann sycophants no longer need to lean forward and take whatever MSNBC’s corporate media fascist bosses want to put on the air.

Yes, those horrible corporate media thugs, putting dolts like Joe Scarborough, Dylan Ratigan, and Ed Schultz on television.  What an outrage! Particularly since they unceremoniously canned Keith Olbermann, the modern day Edward R. Murrow.

Why, his Special Comments were pure journalistic genius!  He had the intellect to put aside facts and rely on his thesaurus and Google (to find literary quotes, or course).  That is an achievement that Brian Williams wishes he could pull off, but that blue collar simpleton, who didn’t even graduate college, will never reach the level of achievement of Mr. Olbermann.  Keith, of course, graduated from Cornell.  You know, the trailer park of the Ivy League.

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