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Let’s Break That Glass Ceiling!

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A glass ceiling (

I never understood the whole “glass ceiling” thing.  Perhaps this is because I am not a woman, or perhaps I just don’t understand why anyone would want a glass ceiling.  A mirrored ceiling, on the other hand, I can understand.

I also can’t understand why women like to attack each other when it comes to politics.  They seem obsessed with the glass ceiling, yet when a woman has a chance at higher office, her biggest critics are of her own gender.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on gender politics (I don’t waste my time on “gender studies” because I take real classes), but something sinister is certainly at work here.

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Why Jon Huntsman Can’t Beat Obama (But Could If He Tried)

Jon Huntsman has a fairly impressive resume.  An Eagle Scout by the age of 15 (younger than most), Mr. Huntsman advanced quite far within the federal government at an early age.  He’s served in four administrations in a variety of roles, including Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, and most recently, Ambassador to China.  He speaks Mandarin, has received six honorary doctorate degrees, and has seven children.

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The Return of Keith Olbermann

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Monday night, the wait was finally over. Countdown with Keith Olbermann premiered on its new home, Current TV, the channel co-founded by Al Gore. Keith Olbermann sycophants no longer need to lean forward and take whatever MSNBC’s corporate media fascist bosses want to put on the air.

Yes, those horrible corporate media thugs, putting dolts like Joe Scarborough, Dylan Ratigan, and Ed Schultz on television.  What an outrage! Particularly since they unceremoniously canned Keith Olbermann, the modern day Edward R. Murrow.

Why, his Special Comments were pure journalistic genius!  He had the intellect to put aside facts and rely on his thesaurus and Google (to find literary quotes, or course).  That is an achievement that Brian Williams wishes he could pull off, but that blue collar simpleton, who didn’t even graduate college, will never reach the level of achievement of Mr. Olbermann.  Keith, of course, graduated from Cornell.  You know, the trailer park of the Ivy League.

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Listen To Some Of My Recent KaibCasts

Nine out of ten dentists choose the KaibCast over other leading brands.  This podcast is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please wear safety goggles and a hardhat while listening.  Please turn off your cellular devices, stow away your tray tables, and return your seats to the upright position.

The KaibCast: Herman Cain, Religion, Race, and the MSM

  • Host Josh Kaib will focus the first half of the program on GOP Presidential contender Herman Cain and his comments about Muslims, as well as what his candidacy and the mainstream media’s reaction to it says about race in America.
  • The Second half of the show will be devoted to random topics related to current events.

The KaibCast: Media Coverage of Weiner and Palin; GOP Debate

  • Host Josh Kaib takes a look at media coverage of the Weinergate scandal and the release of Sarah Palin’s emails.
  • NBC News and CNN sent their lead investigative reporters to Alaska to cover the Palin email release, yet they downplayed the Anthony Weiner story from the beginning until he finally confessed.  Josh Kaib will rip the media to shredds.  You don’t want to miss this!
  • Plus, Josh will react to the GOP Presidential debate hosted by CNN.

The KaibCast: Glenn Beck TV and Reading Palin Emails

  • Host Josh Kaib chats about GBTV and the MSM enlisting people to help them read through a bunch of Sarah Palin emails.

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Weiner Resigns So Now We Can Talk About Things That Really Matter

The Weinergate story was an important one, as is any scandal involving a member of Congress, but coverage of the scandal obscured other stories that need to be covered.  In this piece originally posted at The Right Wing Blog, I take a look at the issues that need to be talked about now that Weiner has gone flaccid:

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Weiner and Photoshop


I must confess, I was fascinated with the Weiner story.  But now that Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress, we can move on to more important things.

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Weiner’s Stiff Competition for Most Sleazy Politician

Originally posted at The Right Wing Blog

Anthony Weiner has confessed.  The long national nightmare is over.  He refused to resign, but the erect representative will likely endure a rough sex probe in the House.

But while Weiner is undoubtedly a lying creep with too much time on his hands (or perhaps with his hands), he’s not alone.  Other politicians have done creepy sexual things, and this story goes beyond the tabloid trash that many in the media can’t get enough of.

This story is also about the arrogance of elected officials, who oftentimes see themselves as better than everyone else and free from the rule of law (or at least free from the restrictions of common sense).

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My Creed

“My Creed” by Dean Alfange

I was given a card a few years back when I had dinner at the Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs.  On the back was a nice statement that I think sums up everything that America is about.  And believe it or not, it was written by an American liberal and labor activist.

“I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon. I seek to develop whatever talents God gave me—not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any earthly master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say – ‘This, with God’s help, I have done.’ All this is what it means to be an American.”

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