Anthony Weiner’s Hard Times

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Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is having a hard time.  You may have seen this photo:

This is the header from the "Weiner Facts" website. This is not the photo of Rep. Weiner's wiener, but of Weiner as a wiener. For the wiener picture, try google images. This is not a pornographic site, but you can still get a thrill from visiting it.

Here’s The Daily Caller’s recent update on the scandal known as Weinergate:

Rep. Anthony Weiner refused to answer questions outside his Capitol Hill office about how a photo of an erect penis covered by boxer briefs ended up on his Twitter account over the weekend.

In a brief gaggle with reporters Tuesday, Weiner was asked directly if the photo was of him, but he refused to say.

“I’m not going to talk about this anymore,” the New York Democrat said. “I think if I was giving a speech to 45,000 people, and someone stood up and heckled in the back, I wouldn’t spend three days talking to him. I’m going to get back to the conversation I care about.”

The tweet, directed at a Washington State woman, was removed from Weiner’s Twitter account shortly after it was posted Friday. He later said his account was hacked.

Weiner, wearing a coat but no tie, gave a variation of the same answer to multiple questions, including why he hired a lawyer and hasn’t asked law enforcement to investigate his allegations of fraudulent access to his account.

“I’ve put out a couple statements over the last couple days. I would refer you to those to answer these questions. I understand you’re doing your job, but I’m going to go back to work,” Weiner said.

Asked by The Daily Caller if he’s concerned about the seriousness of someone hacking into his account, as has been alleged, Weiner only said: “I’m going to return to working on the things I care about.”

According to TheDC, Capitol Hill police “currently [have] no active investigation into claims by New York congressman Anthony Weiner that his Twitter and Facebook accounts were “hacked” this past Friday night.”

And meanwhile, fellow NYer Chuckie Schumer thinks Weiner is innocent, so I’m guessing he’s guilty.

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