My Man Mitch Held Back By His Bitch

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a man with a record of accomplishment in the private and public spheres, has announced that he won’t run for President.  Seen as a savor by many Republicans, young and old, insiders and outsiders alike, He would have been the perfect anti-Obama candidate.

Unlike Obama, Gov. Daniels has lots of experience, believes in the free market, and isn’t full of himself.  Unfortunately, his family isn’t thrilled about a potential Presidential run.  That’s disappointing, because after watching a few episodes of MitchTV, the infomercial series that his gubernatorial campaign created, I was convinced he was the man to beat Obama.  Maybe 2012 isn’t our year.  There’s always 2016 I guess.

In the meantime, Pawlenty-Cain 2012!  Pawlenty-Cain 2012! It will be the chocolate Sundae ticket. A Vanilla Republican with some hot fudge on the side!

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