KaibCast Week in Review: 5/16-5/20

Four shows this past week (none from Wednesday).  All of them are awesome (just my honest opinion).

Monday’s KaibCast: 5/16/11

  • I can’t remember what I talked about.

Tuesday’s KaibCast: 5/17/11

  • Host Josh Kaib talks about the IMF (alleged) rapist, Newt Gingrich’s stupid campaign moves, and solutions to move education reform forward in the face of union opposition.

Thursday’s KaibCast: 5/19/11

  • Reaction to Obama’s Muslim/Israel speech.

Friday’s KaibCast: 5/20/11

  • More reaction to the Obama Middle East speech plus the promised segment on state nullification.

Below the fold, a link to my piece on Presidential announcements:

Here are some upcoming announcements from prospective candidates:

Tim Pawlenty (T-Paw) will be making it official on Monday, confirming that he will run for the GOP nomination.

Herman Cain will reportedly announce his candidacy on Saturday.

Newt Gingrich will announce that he’s leaving Calista for Jeri Thompson.  I made that last one up.  But it could happen…

Jon Hunstman will finally break down and tell everyone that his campaign is just a joke, kind of like when Joaquin Phoenix grew a beard and pretended to be a rapper.  One can dream…

After the jump, this week’s Sunday show tip sheet, courtesy of Politico:

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