How to Get the Economy Moving Again

Rich Karlgaard, writing on his blog, has an excellent piece about how slow economic growth will destroy America.  I encourage you to read the whole piece, but this part is my favorite because it gives a road map for getting the economy moving again:

Americans owe it to future generations to get our GDP annual growth back to the 3.5% range. We’ve done it, and we can do it again. Here is how:

– Strong and stable dollar

– Get federal share of GDP back under 20% (from 25% today)

– Simpler, flatter tax rates

– Lower corporate tax rates, in line with global competition

– Simpler, transparent regulation

– Pro-energy policy

– Immigration policy favoring skilled immigrants

– Stop war against business (e.g., Obama’s war on Boeing)

– Ban public employee unions

– Education reform (must break up teachers’ unions first)

– Patent reform (which currently favors large companies over entrepreneurs)

Let’s get moving!  Republican Presidential hopefuls, are you listening?  You need to hammer away at Obama for his anti-growth policies that are putting us on the road to serfdom.

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