What Really Happened in Abbottabad?

Despite what conspiracy theorists are claiming, Usama bin Laden is dead and in the process of being devoured by small oceanic organisms.  But while it is clear that the al Qaeda leader is deceased, details of how he died remain cloudy.

Some are now suggesting that he may have been shot by his own men, to prevent the CIA or U.S. military from interrogating him.  In the past, I’ve heard many UBL experts suggest that his guards were ordered to kill him should capture be imminent.

Others are suggesting that bin Laden was captured alive but then killed a few minutes later.  Al Arabiya is reporting that bin Laden’s 12-year-old daughter claims “US forces captured her father alive but shot him dead in front of family members.”

All of this confusion is understandable.  The Obama Administration has changed its story multiple times, including parts about UBL’s wife being used as a human shield and whether Usama was armed and firing on U.S. forces.  Now the administration is unclear whether photographic evidence will be released showing a dead bin Laden with part of his face blown off.

Please, President Obama, get your people on the same page.  It’s pretty embarrassing when the CIA director and the Secretary of Defense are giving the public opposing information.  And while your at it, can you make sure the American people are told what really happened in Abbottabad?  Thanks.

UPDATE:  Fox News White House Correspondent Mike Emanuel is reporting that President Obama has decided NOT to release any photographs of Bin Laden’s corpse. 

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