I’m Not a Birther, I’m an Afterbirther

I never doubted that Obama is an American.  But now that he’s released the official birth certificate, I’ve decided to join the ranks of the birthers.  Why you ask???

I just really want to piss off every MSNBC host, especially Lawrence O’Donnell!

Orly Taitz is a moron.  But she’s a lady and deserves to be treated with respect.  If you don’t like her, DON’T HAVE HER ON YOUR SHOW!

Just to piss off LOD, I’m becoming a birther AFTER the release of the birth certificate.  Hence, I’m an afterbirther.

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Or the Special Saturday KaibCast:  Obama is a Secret Kenyan Muslim (tongue in cheek).



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3 responses to “I’m Not a Birther, I’m an Afterbirther

  1. laura l

    People like that want attention. They don’t CARE how ‘righteously indignant’ the host is, or how loud they yell. It doesn’t matter if it’s Neal Horsley, Orly Taitz, or one of the extended-family that is the Westboro Baptist Church. STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE OXYGEN and perhaps they will asphyxiate for the betterment of society. Or maybe we’ll just stop having to look at them.

    • And the hosts want attention too. As far as I’m concerned, LOD is just as bad as Orly Taitz during that interview. He’s trying to win a lefty gold star for going after a moron. Great, but how does that help the millions of people who are jobless and the millions more living paycheck to paycheck and getting squeezed by the Obama-caused high gas prices?

  2. laura l

    It’s kinda like doing a fake throw that fools a dog. Even if you make them jump and run, what have you accomplished?