KaibCast Week in Review: 4/4-4/9

Last week, the KaibCast expanded to include a Saturday show because of the big budget news.  I wish I could remember what else I talked about.  Anyway, listen to all of them if you haven’t already.

Saturday’s KaibCast: Budget Showdown Special 4/9/11

Friday’s KaibCast: 4/8/11

Thursday’s KaibCast: 4/7/11

Wednesday’s KaibCast: 4/6/11

Tuesday’s KaibCast: 4/5/11

Monday’s KaibCast: 4/4/11

Don’t miss this week’s shows.  Like always, the KaibCast is live at 6 PM Eastern and available on demand by 7 PM Eastern.  Thanks for listening!


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