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KaibCast Week in Review: 4/4-4/9

Last week, the KaibCast expanded to include a Saturday show because of the big budget news.  I wish I could remember what else I talked about.  Anyway, listen to all of them if you haven’t already.

Saturday’s KaibCast: Budget Showdown Special 4/9/11

Friday’s KaibCast: 4/8/11

Thursday’s KaibCast: 4/7/11

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The Tea Party’s First Victory

It appears that, for the first time since electing a record number of Freshman Republicans to the House, the Tea Party movement has won a major victory.  While some Tea Party legislators like Reps. Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann don’t like the budget deal, it is clear that the vast majority of conservative Republicans will support the compromise.

As a Wall Street Journal editorial points out:

Yes, we know, $39 billion in spending cuts for 2011 is less than the $61 billion passed by the House and shrinks the overall federal budget by only a little more than 1%. The compromise also doesn’t repeal ObamaCare, kill the EPA’s anticarbon rules, defund Planned Parenthood, reform the entitlement state, or part the Red Sea.

On the other hand, the Obama-Pelosi Leviathan wasn’t built in a day, and it won’t be cut down to size in one budget. Especially not in a fiscal year that only has six months left and with Democrats running the Senate and White House. Friday’s deal cuts more spending in any single year than we can remember, $78 billion more than President Obama first proposed. Domestic discretionary spending grew by 6% in 2008, 11% in 2009 and 14% in 2010, but this year will fall by 4%. That’s no small reversal.

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Debunking the Birthers

Donald Trump has been getting a lot of attention for his “birther” crusade.  He’s doing it for attention, which is a a shame, because he actually makes a lot of sense on other, non-conspiracy theory, issues.

Tommy Christopher, a diehard liberal journalist, actually does a good job from time to time.  Most recently, he’s thoroughly debunked the birthers:

Why Doesn’t President Obama Release His Long-Form Birth Certificate?

I’m going to start here, because this is the piece of the puzzle that nagged at me for a long time. For the uninitiated, much of the Birther conspiracy centers around the Obama campaign’s release of a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) to prove his eligibility for the office of the presidency, rather than an original “long-form” birth certificate. The COLB is the equivalent of the certified copy I use whenever I need a birth certificate, or whenever anyone else does the same. Nobody carries around their “original” birth certificate (although, according to Stephen Wright, George Washington carried around a dollar bill for this purpose).

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