The Coming Shutdown

It is looking increasingly likely that some sort of shutdown will occur.  This is a disappointment, not because an agreement hasn’t been reached or because a shutdown is the end of the world, but because we should have never been in this situation in the first place.  Prior to the 2010 election, Democrats had the responsibility to pass a budget.  They didn’t, and now we are all suffering.

The budget debate is seemingly revolving around Republicans wanting to strip Planned Parenthood and other left-wing pet causes of federal funding.  Democrats claim this is the GOP forcing its social viewpoints onto the country.  But isn’t it also true that Democrats are doing the same thing when they give the federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other groups in the first place?  It appears to me that both sides of the aisle like to force their social views on the country.

This is why I believe so firmly in limited government. The Planned Parenthood funding debate is proof that big government is a disaster. Once the money gets dished out to partisan causes, the whole system gets corrupted.

No money should go to Planned Parenthood, and no money should go to “faith-based” charities or other right-wing pet causes either. Washington pols must stop taking our money, skimming off the top, and then redistributing it to their political allies/supporters. Makes me sick.

Meanwhile, lefties are calling the Tea Party “mean,” and Washington, D.C. residents are complaining that their garbage won’t be picked up.  Oh the humanity! What will people do with all their garbage! This is a national disgrace!  Those evil Tea Partiers want to stop garbage collections and food for the poor! They want the poor to eat our garbage! This is all some evil conspiracy between the Republican party and the corporations!

D.C. residents get no real representation in Congress, yet they have to pay taxes.  In return, the federal government does a lot of things for the city, but the people of D.C. would rather do things on their own.  Here’s my solution:  D.C. still doesn’t get representation, but residents should be exempt from federal taxes.  No more ‘taxation without representation” as the D.C. license plates say.  In addition, Washingtonians can pay for their own garbage collection and other municipal services.  There, problem solved!

If only I was in that negotiating room with Obama, Boehner, and Reid.  I’m sure I could hammer out a deal, after I hammered out their brains.   Quite frankly, a short shutdown could be a good thing if it gets us on a path to fiscal sanity.  But it shouldn’t require a shutdown for Capitol Hill to take America’s financial woes seriously.  This should have been dealt with months ago, but instead we got weeks and weeks of political gamesmanship.

I’ll be talking all about this on tonight’s KaibCast, streaming live at 6 PM Eastern and available on-demand after 7.  Here’s the link.

And if you want to know if the government is shut down, here’s the best site I’ve found.


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