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Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Takes Big Lead

If you’ve listened to The KaibCast at all this week, you may have heard about the nasty Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  The race has been to close to call since Tuesday, but new developments seem to give the incumbent, conservative Justice David Prosser, the advantage:

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that the votes weren’t reported on Tuesday due to “human error.”

Before the announcement, it was assumed 68-year-old conservative Justice David Prosser’s race against liberal assistant state attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg was headed for a recount.

But Prosser’s unofficial 7,500 vote-lead is likely to stand if the new numbers hold up through canvassing in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

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Bill O’Reilly on Glenn Beck’s Fox News Departure

Bill O’Reilly addresses the Beck-FNC news in his weekly syndicated column:

My pal Glenn Beck is leaving his program on the Fox News Channel later this year. This has caused great joy among some uber-liberals who object to free speech as well as to anything Beck. The Media Matters outfit took just seconds to misstate why Beck is changing venues, but what else is new? George Soros partially funds Media Matters, so why would the website ever say anything truthful when far left propaganda is so much easier to dish?

When you get past all the rubbish, Glenn Beck is really Norm, the guy on the sitcom “Cheers.” He sits on a symbolic barstool and vents. He sees bad things happening to his country and objects. Because his rap is so interesting, millions of Americans want to hear it. So what on earth is wrong with that?

If you just got off the plane from Mongolia and dialed into the left-wing U.S. media, you might think Glenn Beck is the anti-Christ. The hue and cry about Beck is downright hysterical. Why do they care? Beck isn’t an elected official; he’s not even a journalist. He’s just a guy with an opinion. So what’s the beef?
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