When It Comes To The Budget, Who Are The Grownups?

On Tuesday, President Obama held a news conference, which is apparently the best he can do when it comes to showing leadership.

President Barack Obama called on Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders on Tuesday to “act like grown-ups” and put aside their differences on a six-month spending bill.

In an impromptu news conference at the White House, Obama bluntly criticized the pace of talks and argued it is up to himself, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to quickly come to terms on a bill to avoid a government shutdown.

“There are some things that we can’t control. We can’t control earthquakes, we can’t control tsunamis, we can’t control uprisings on the other side of the world. What we can control is our capacity to have a reasoned, fair conversation between the parties and get the business of the American people done,” Obama said.

“And that’s what I expect,” he added.

I agree with Obama on this one.  Both parties need to act like grownups, not little children fighting over shovels in a sandbox.  Right now, they are fighting over 2%-4% of the budget deficit.  That’s it.  Dems want to cut 2% and Republicans 4%.  Seriously, the difference between those two figures is so small, you would think they could come to some sort of agreement.  But no, they can’t.

Yesterday, Granny Pelosi claimed that Republican budget cuts would starve 6 million seniors.  You heard about that on Tuesday’s KaibCast.  Is she acting like a grownup? Of course not.  Just another Nancy Pelosi senior moment!

Liberals are claiming that all sorts of horrible things will happen if the Republicans get their way.  Not only will seniors starve, but NPR and PBS will have to close, Planned Genocide Parenthood won’t be able to terminate prevent teen pregnancies, and the EPA won’t be able to stop evil corporations from killing polar bears.

Why are liberals defending excessive government spending?  Because that’s how they defend and preserve their political power!  Democrats have expanded government at a sickening rate to gain the favor of special interest groups, mainly the unions, environmentalists, feminists, and journalists.  That’s why they can’t stomach cuts to government workers, Obamacare, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, and public broadcasting.

The Democrats aren’t acting like grownups; They are acting like despots.  Despotism has many forms, but what the Democrats have been doing for the last fifty years amounts to soft tyranny, as regular, hard-working Americans have their income stolen by the government and redistributed to Democratic interest groups.

And in this budget fight, the Republicans are acting like the sole grownups.  The GOP-controlled House has actually passed a budget proposal, unlike the Democrat-controlled Senate, and it was the Democrats’ failure to pass a budget last year that started this whole mess.

Meanwhile, Rep. Paul Ryan, releasing a long-term budget plan to counter Obama’s pathetic fiscal fiction, levels with the American people and admits that major cuts are necessary to avoid a train wreck.  How do Democrats respond? By playing the victim card, talking about how the cuts hurt people.

Well you know what, you Democrat Despots, we will ALL be hurt if something isn’t done.  Unlike President Obama, Paul Ryan and the GOP are serious about America’s fiscal future.  So when Obama calls on Congress to act like grownups, I’d say he needs to look in the mirror.


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