Florida Pastor Burns Koran, Muslims Kill People

Remember that idiot “Pastor” from Florida who wanted to burn Korans?  Because of the public outcry, he didn’t.  Until last week.

The Rev. Terry Jones had threatened to burn the text in September, in the midst of a controversy over plans to develop an Islamic center near the site of the September 2001 terrorist attacks in Manhattan. He was eventually dissuaded through the pleas of religious leaders and government officials, including a phone call from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

But when Jones announced in January that he was going to “put the Koran on trial,” he said he didn’t hear a single complaint. On March 20, Jones dressed in a judicial robe and ordered a copy of the Koran to be torched in a portable fire pit.

“It’s like people forgot about us,” Jones said Saturday. “But we kept doing what we do.”

The world was reminded of the 30-person Christian congregation at Dove World Outreach Center on Friday, when a mob incited by the burning of the Koran attacked a U.N. compound in Mazar-e Sharif, killing seven U.N. employees. On Saturday, related protests in Kandahar left nine dead and more than 90 injured.

Now everyone is blaming Rev. Jones for the violence.  General David Petraeus says the Koran burning endangers the war effort:

“Every security force leader’s worst nightmare is being confronted by essentially a mob, if you will, especially one that can be influenced by individuals that want to incite violence, who want to try to hijack passions, in this case, perhaps understandable passions,” Gen. Petraeus said in the Sunday interview. “Obviously it’s an additional serious security challenge in a country that faces considerable security challenges.”

Yes, that is true.  But why aren’t people focusing most of their ire on the neanderthal Muslims who are doing the killing?  Religion of peace my ass.

And what about that useless cape-wearing President, Hamid Karzai?  He’s the one who told the Afghan people about the burning:

..Both Afghan and international news media had initially played down or ignored the actions of Mr. Jones, the Florida pastor. On Thursday, however, President Karzai made a speech and issued statements condemning the Koran burning and calling for the arrest of Mr. Jones for his actions. On Friday, that theme was picked up in mosques throughout Afghanistan.”Karzai brought this issue back to life, and he has to take some responsibility for starting this up,” said a prominent Afghan businessman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution if he was identified as a critic of the president.

Karzai is more to blame than the idiot Pastor!  And who the hell does he think he is, calling for the Pastor’s arrest?  Sorry, Hamid, but we have free speech in America.  We can burn your stupid, hateful “holy” book.  Islam is a religion that is not predicated upon peace, as Christianity is, but predicated on war, a global war to convert or conquer all non-Muslims.

Now, you even have U.S. Senators, like that bum DemocRAT Harry Reid and the useless RINO Lindsay Graham, calling for laws against free speech to prevent the burning of Korans!  I have a better idea.

How about we bomb those motherf*ckers in Aghanistan back to the stone age instead of trying to build them a nation?  F*ck them and the moronic defenders in Congress.  Yes, Mr. Jones is stupid, but he didn’t kill people over the burning of a book.  The Muslims did.

Appearing on ABC News, Rev. Jones said:  “We wanted to raise awareness of this dangerous religion and dangerous element.  I think [today’s attack] proves that there is a radical element of Islam.”

Jones is still an idiot for doing this, but he has a point.  I’m half-tempted to hold a Koran burning of my own.  To be fair, I’ll also burn Bibles and Torahs.  I’m guessing Muslims will kill people in response, but Christians and Jews will not.

Check out Monday’s KaibCast for more on this (second half of the half-hour podcast): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joshkaib/2011/04/04/mondays-kaibcast-4411



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5 responses to “Florida Pastor Burns Koran, Muslims Kill People

  1. laura l

    I hate these issues where I end up agreeing with everyone. If this idiot was going to burn a Koran, he should have done it while standing in front of a tent in Afghanistan. Risk your own damn life, and not those of people with the misfortune of working in an @sswipe of a country. And I kept wondering how in the world they even knew about this. Karzai. Of course. He’s the one they oughta be blaming.

  2. If he really wanted to just burn a Koran, he could have done so in private without telling the whole world. He wanted attention, and unfortunately Karzai gave it to him.

  3. laura l

    I can’t quite bring myself to criticize Petraeus, but it seems like the people in charge ought to be saying more about Karzai. If people like you and I on ICN didn’t know about the ‘atrocity’, then no Afghani should have either. Karzai told them, no doubt for some political reason. He should know better than anyone what the result would be.

  4. Petraeus would probably love to speak his mind about Karzai, but he realizes that it would probably make things worse. I have no idea why Petraeus agreed to take over the mission in Afghanistan. He must really love America.