President Obama is the Greatest President Ever

The vast right-wing conspiracy continues to hammer President Obama.  These brain dead, knuckle-dragging, right-wing fascists continue to spread lies and misinformation.  I want to clear things up for these corporate-loving, worker-hating Nazis.

President Obama has faced more difficult situations than any other President ever.  Not only did he inherit a recession, but also two wars.  The right-wing white supremacists claim that Obama made the economy worse and that Obama has expanded our overseas wars.  That, my comrades, is not true.  Thanks to Obama, our economy is the strongest it has ever been.  Obama has literally created a trillion new jobs, but the corporations that run the Republican party have destroyed these jobs by insisting on making profits.

When it comes to overseas wars, Obama has not expanded them.  After all, that Libya thing isn’t a war.  It is a kinetic military action that was initiated for humanitarian reasons.

Obama has also given everybody free healthcare.  The Republican shills for the insurance companies continue to lie by claiming that Obamacare will cost trillions of dollars.  No it won’t. It is free, because Obama said so.

The President has also dramatically curtailed domestic energy production, because the evil oil companies are pumping carbon dioxide into the air and killing polar bears.  Republicans claim that, under Obama, gas prices have doubled.  This is not true.  The prices are the same, but the evil gas station price gougers are pretending they are going up so they can charge more.  If these capitalist pigs would accept negative profits, prices would be where Obama has willed them to be.

In closing, I want to address the rumor that Obama is a bad leader.  In light of the Libya intervention, the hate-mongers in the GOP are claiming that Obama does not want America to be a world leader.

But is it not true that a good leader is also a good follower?  And if that is true, then doesn’t it also mean that good followers are good leaders?  Obama, by following the lead of the French, is showing that he is a good leader.

Not only is Obama a good leader, but he is the greatest President in the history of America.  He is the best, and he’ll be the last.


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