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KaibCast Week in Review: 3/28-4/1

This week, big topics included the “war that isn’t called a war” in Libya, Obama’s energy policies, the federal budget, the economic recovery, and the Federal Reserve’s lending practices.

Friday’s KaibCast: 4/1/11

Thursday’s KaibCast: 3/31/11

Wednesday’s KaibCast: 3/30/11 Part I

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President Obama is the Greatest President Ever

The vast right-wing conspiracy continues to hammer President Obama.  These brain dead, knuckle-dragging, right-wing fascists continue to spread lies and misinformation.  I want to clear things up for these corporate-loving, worker-hating Nazis.

President Obama has faced more difficult situations than any other President ever.  Not only did he inherit a recession, but also two wars.  The right-wing white supremacists claim that Obama made the economy worse and that Obama has expanded our overseas wars.  That, my comrades, is not true.  Thanks to Obama, our economy is the strongest it has ever been.  Obama has literally created a trillion new jobs, but the corporations that run the Republican party have destroyed these jobs by insisting on making profits.

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