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I’m Not a Birther, I’m an Afterbirther

I never doubted that Obama is an American.  But now that he’s released the official birth certificate, I’ve decided to join the ranks of the birthers.  Why you ask???

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ATM Flashback: Mass Murder is Not a Partisan Issue

Recent news regarding Rep. Gabby Giffords is encouraging:

Gabby Giffords is walking, it may not be walking 100%, but she is doing her best.  Her doctors report that she can walk a little and she mostly uses her left side.  She is now starting to try to use her right leg and right arm, which is common since her brain injury was on the left side.

“Her left side is perfect,” said Pia Carusone, her legislative chief of staff. “She can do whatever you can do.”  Carusone also made a point of the fact that Giffords has perfect posture, as always, even while sitting in her wheelchair.

It is amazing that a person who went through such a horrible time, being shot in the head, and now she is walking, sitting up straight, and she says she wants to “walk a mountain.”  If she says that she will, that determination will see her through.

And she’s recovered enough to attend her husband’s shuttle launch:

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ATM Flashback: TSA Stands For Total Sexual Assault

In light of recent events, I’d like to look back to November of last year, around the time when the TSA began sexually assaulting Americans in the name of safety.

First, let me catch you up on recent events.  A six-year-old girl was groped by the TSA and someone filmed the spectacle.  She was clearly on the verge of crying, but also clearly not a dangerous terrorist.  Why does the TSA grope little girls, when they probably just pat Muslims on the back to avoid discrimination lawsuits?  I’m just asking questions here.  I don’t pretend to have the solutions, but someone ought to ask these kinds of questions.  Do you see the vermin in the mainstream media asking these questions?  I didn’t think so.

After the jump, video of the groping, plus my original post from November 21st of last year.

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ATM Flashback: I Got on CNN and Campaigned for Lou Barletta

Back in October, I got on CNN.  Correspondent Jeanne Meserve did a story on the youth vote, and I was one of the lucky conservatives featured in the piece.  After the jump, video of that report, plus a flashback to my time campaigning for Lou Barletta, a GOP candidate for the House who was victorious in the election.

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ATM Flashback: Cenk Uyger is an Asshole

Since I’m too busy/too lazy this week to create any original blog content, I’m looking back at the first eight months of the new ATM.  For those of you who’ve been following me since my nascent blogging days, you know that I originally started blogging back in February of 2008.

When I moved to Washington, I relaunched the blog with a new, more sophisticated design.  Since then, I’ve been blogging away, putting the liberal corruptocrats and their liberal media P.R. team in my sights.

Here’s a post from December that I encourage you to check out:

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The Truth: John Locke Is So Much Better Than Karl Marx

The following is a paper that I wrote for an intro to political theory college class, and because I’m lazy, it is this week’s edition of THE TRUTH!  My T.A. enjoyed it.  So will you.

(Before reading the piece, why don’t you listen to the most recent KaibCast? It’s the most talked about* and fastest-growing* podcast on the net.  Here’s the link)

Karl Marx and John Locke are among the world’s greatest philosophers, yet their ideas about the world and how it should work are just about completely opposite from each other.  Marx is anti-religion, anti-free market, and pro-beard, while Locke is pro-religion (with exceptions), pro-free market, and anti-beard.  Putting the facial hair issue aside, it is clear from the evidence that Locke’s ideas are far superior and more practical.

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