Media Matters Lies About Bill Sammon

Fox News D.C. Bureau Chief Bill Sammon has come under fire for allegedly lying on-air.  This is according to the far-left, Soros-funded Media Matters organization, which now admits that its goal is to “sabotage” Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.  So much for being a “media watchdog.”

Turns out, it’s Media Matters that is lying.  Below is video from Lee Stranahan, who exposes MM’s lies.

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(hat tip to Jim Treacher)

Is it just me. or does the Media Matters narrator sound like a child predator?

Warner Todd Huston, writing at Big Journalism, argues that Media Matters is becoming the KGB of the left.  I tend to agree:

Along with attacking individual employees, Media Matters is looking to enlist the aid of regulators and government both here and a broad to attack the network. “The group hired an executive from,” Smith reports “to work on developing campaigns among News Corp. shareholders and also is looking for ways to turn regulators in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere against the network.”

Media Matters also intends to go after Rupert Murdoch’s personal commercial interests outside of Fox News.

In other words, Media Matters is treating Fox as a political organization and not a media conglomerate. “Fox News is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP,” MMfA’s Brock told Politico.

But this is obviously an illicit campaign. Fox is clearly not some sort of arm of the Republican Party. Does Fox have a leaning toward the GOP and/or the conservative side of the issue? Sure, without a doubt. But it is still a media organization separate and distinct from political organizations. Fox News is no adjunct of the GOP any more than NBC, CBS, ABC, or even MSNBC are somehow arms of the Democrat Party.

Media Matters is no longer even pretending to be interested in journalism. In fact, it is approaching illegal activities with this campaign. Certainly Media Matters is lapsing into immoral activities if nothing else.

But this is the left, folks. This is the hatred and the attack dog-style that the left specializes in.

Media Matters was once a perfectly legitimate, though left-wing media critic. Now it is a gutter sniping, mud slinging, dumpster diving, blackmailing, saboteur. I’d call it the National Enquirer of the Internet, but even that isn’t mean enough to describe MM.

More like Media Matters has become the KGB of the left.


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