Obama’s Libya Speech: My Reaction As It Happened

Here’s my post from Tuesday morning in reaction to Obama’s speech: https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/my-reaction-to-obamas-libya-speech/

Below are the notes that I took during Obama’s Libya Speech.  I’ll have more analysis on Tuesday (see above link).

Obama takes the podium. He’s good at looking in the camera.

Starts off by “paying tribute” to the men and women in uniform.  He’s “grateful” to the military.  Very predictable open.

Notes that America doesn’t like to use military, but we have a responsibility to act.

Libya has been ruled by a tyrant. Okay, so why should America care?  Just because “the people” who were always anti-Gaddafi took that to a new level?

We took “swift steps” in “a matter of days” says Obama.  Sure, we froze his assets, but he also had a bunch of stuff in a vault. That didn’t exactly stop him.  It took a few weeks before we waited for the U.N. and France to take the lead.

“Confronted by this brutal” action, Obama sent ships into the area.  oooh, how bold! Ordering a ship to move a few hundred miles! That did a lot, didn’t it?

Fun fact: Benghazi is the size of Charlotte.  The things you learn from Obama’s speech.

It is hard to follow the speech and type at the same time.

Obama authorized use of military to enforce U.N. mandate.  What, so we take orders from the U.N. now?

“The United States has not acted alone.” Notes that Qatar is our side.  We got one of the smallest Muslim counties to support us. Yippee! Bigger nations? Not so much. Just Turkey, which is a pretty secular country compared to other mid east nations.

Obama; “I said U.S. role would be limited.” “Tonight, we are fulfilling that pledge.”

By the way, I’m taking liberties with the quotes.  They are only approx. accurate.

“fully confident” that coalition will continue to put pressure on Gaddafi.  How much of that coalition will be U.S.? That’s what I want to know.  He says US role will be reduced “significantly” whatever that means.

Sec. Clinton is going to London to meet with the rebel leaders.  She seems to be doing all the work here.

Obama admits that Libya will be dangerous until Gaddafi is out of power.  Says “steps down” which makes me think we won’t be sending the hit squad to Tripoli any time soon.

“American cannot use the military wherever there is repression”

“we were faced with prospect of violence on a horrific scale”

I’m pretty sure the white house releases the speech to the press before Obama gives it, so I’m not sure why I’m doing this.

Obama refuses to wait for pictures of slaughter to take action.  I can approve of that.  He’s actually being pretty assertive on that.

A failure to respond would have “carried a far greater cost” for America.

Broadening mission to include regime change a.k.a. take out Gaddafi, would be a “mistake” says Obama.

I have to admit, President Obama is really good at the speaking thing.  He will be very difficult to defeat.

Libyans will determine their own destiny, “as it should be” says Obama.

In closing, points out that he has used military in Afghanistan to go after al-Qaeda.  This is the obligatory “I’m not afraid to use the military” part of the speech.

“Burden of action should not be America’s alone.”  No “going it alone” says Obama.  He’s mentioning “leadership” a lot, as if saying it a lot undoes his lack of it in the last few weeks.

Okay, he said he was closing the speech about 10 minutes ago.  Sometimes Obama seems needlessly long-winded.  He isn’t even talking about Libya anymore, just trying to appeal to people’s patriotism. Good tactic, but I can see right through it.

Now he’s talking about Americans “reaching our potential.” What does that have to do with Libya? I get that American stands up for freedom, but you haven’t answered the meaningful questions, Obama.

Finally. He closes with the “God Bless America” line, and he’s off the stage.

MORE TO COME:  https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/my-reaction-to-obamas-libya-speech/

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