Short Takes: 3/24/11

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has kind of announced that she’s running for President.  I say “kind of” because she only announced that she plans to announce her candidacy some time in the summer.  So she’s running, but it won’t be official for a while. Let’s face it. The process of picking a President is a silly game, so candidates take forever to actually officially run.  It’s like the pool water is cold and they are taking their time getting in, rather than jumping in the deep end.  Anyway, you can read my reaction to Bachmann’s candidacy here.

Sarah Palin, after being called a vulgar word by former comedian Bill Maher, did not seek a condemnation by the National Organization for Women. NOW is a lefty group that has mostly ignored the vicious attacks on conservative women.  This time, however, after pressure from conservatives, NOW has condemned Bill Maher. Palin, however, doesn’t want NOW’s support, saying “I Need NOW’s Defense Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.” I guess that means she doesn’t need NOW on her side, although a fish riding a bicycle would be pretty cool.

A terrorist response drill is planned for this weekend in Iowa, but instead of reacting to radical Muslims, the most dangerous modern-day terrorists, the drill is set up so participants are responding to a white supremacists, anti-immigrant terrorist group.  I’m not sure how many of these white supremacist terrorists exist in the real world, but plenty of people are up in arms about the drill. Of course, that’s probably because they are white supremacist terrorists.

That’s it for today.  No bonus video, because I haven’t seen any today that are worth sharing.



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