Lance Armstrong Does Not Speak For Everyone With Cancer

Politico, a formerly respected political publication that now gets by with nothing but left-wing hackery, published a story about alleged cheater Lance Armstrong, who fashions himself the spokesman for all people who have or have had cancer.  We get it, Lance, you only have one ball.  Now go back to riding a bike.

Anyway, in reaction to Rep. Steve King calling Obamacare a “malignant tumor,” Armstrong called that a “poor choice” of words.  The left-wing hacks at Politico even got the American Cancer Society to chime in, whose spokesman said Congressman King was trying to “capitalize on the fact, that he knows, that cancer is the most-feared disease by the American public.”

No, idiot, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to say that Obamacare is going to kill the country.

Lance Armstrong is in Washington, by the way, to lobby Congress “not to cut funding for the National Institutes of Health, which faces a 5.1 percent cut over the next six months as part of a House-passed spending bill.”

Big Government Lance has made a post-bike racing career on the basis of his one testicle.  Apparently he has nothing better to do than ask Congress to continue to bludgeon taxpayers with an ever-growing national debt.

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