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Lance Armstrong Does Not Speak For Everyone With Cancer

Politico, a formerly respected political publication that now gets by with nothing but left-wing hackery, published a story about alleged cheater Lance Armstrong, who fashions himself the spokesman for all people who have or have had cancer.  We get it, Lance, you only have one ball.  Now go back to riding a bike.

Anyway, in reaction to Rep. Steve King calling Obamacare a “malignant tumor,” Armstrong called that a “poor choice” of words.  The left-wing hacks at Politico even got the American Cancer Society to chime in, whose spokesman said Congressman King was trying to “capitalize on the fact, that he knows, that cancer is the most-feared disease by the American public.”

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Around the World in 80 Words: 3/24/11

NATO is going to enforce the Libya no-fly zone.  I’m not sure how this is going to work, since some in NATO are against the “Kinetic Military Action” in Libya. Yes, that’s the new euphemism for the military blowing stuff up.

Unrest in Yemen continues. In fact, it appears that more people have been killed in Yemen than in Libya, but don’t tell Obama that or he’ll go to war with Yemen too.  Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to leave office.

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Short Takes: 3/24/11

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has kind of announced that she’s running for President.  I say “kind of” because she only announced that she plans to announce her candidacy some time in the summer.  So she’s running, but it won’t be official for a while. Let’s face it. The process of picking a President is a silly game, so candidates take forever to actually officially run.  It’s like the pool water is cold and they are taking their time getting in, rather than jumping in the deep end.  Anyway, you can read my reaction to Bachmann’s candidacy here.

Sarah Palin, after being called a vulgar word by former comedian Bill Maher, did not seek a condemnation by the National Organization for Women. NOW is a lefty group that has mostly ignored the vicious attacks on conservative women.  This time, however, after pressure from conservatives, NOW has condemned Bill Maher. Palin, however, doesn’t want NOW’s support, saying “I Need NOW’s Defense Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.” I guess that means she doesn’t need NOW on her side, although a fish riding a bicycle would be pretty cool.

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Media Matters Boot Camp

The far left, George Soros funded media “watchdog,” Media Matters, has started a “boot camp” for left wing pundits who appear on cable news.  Apparently liberals suck at articulating their ideas, although I thought they were just too smart to be understood by common folk.  Anyway, Fox News host Great Van Susteren, never shy about reacting to stories on her blog, finds this to be “so weird.”

I just read in the Washington Post that there is an organization that has paid for and attended training (they call it ‘boot camp’) for “combat on Fox News.” Boot camp? Combat? really? They fear Fox and they refer to themselves as “shock troops” yet they are so fearful and uncertain of themselves that they are paying money for some training? You can’t buy courage and strength of conviction. You got it or you don’t. If you are afraid of your own shadow, money just won’t help. We sure are lucky these “shock troops” are not in those F 15’s over Libya!

I really don’t get it — how can you profess to know so much yet be so scared to come on Fox News Channel? Do you know how pathetic that is? Who are they afraid of? Bill O’Reilly? Is he going to call you a pinhead? Oh, no, not that!! getting called a pinhead!! That is so terrifying! By the way, he has called me a pinhead on air and I am still alive (note: people don’t die when called pinheads.)

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