The Obama-Gaddafi Connection

Although this sounds a lot like the Bush-bin Laden link that 9/11 truthers have alleged, there is a convincing connection between President Obama and Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi.  No one is implying that Obama is friends with Gaddafi, or that Obama is even sympathetic to him (although they both have huge egos), but there is just a few degrees of separation between them:

To a great many Americans, President Obama’s response to the Libyan crisis has been puzzling. First, dithering. No response. The White House claimed “scheduling problems” for the president’s no-show. Then, wimpy calls for Libyan government restraint and an end to the violence, never mentioning the “mad-dog” tyrant by name. Then, finally, following the lead of normally-reluctant-to-do-anything-whatsoever Europeans, Obama declared “time for Gaddafi to go.” Then, military moves with warships. Then, Secretary Clinton says we must wait for the UN and move only in an internationally coordinated way to aid anti-Gaddafi forces. Now, Obama’s director of national intelligence tells Congress (and the entire world) that Gaddafi will win and the rebels will lose.

Still, the blood flows at Gaddafi’s orders. News leaked out nearly two weeks ago that desperate rebels were begging the U.S. for military intervention. “Send Bush,” they pleaded!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, where the cowboy is no longer in charge, President Obama held a Motown soiree, danced the night away, and a day later served a sumptuous lunch to the nation’s governors while giving them lots of unasked-for advice. Instead of meeting reporters head-on to talk about the Libyan crisis, Obama sent out his new press secretary to fumble the ball. Then, Obama met with the president of Mexico, again, and, no doubt, offered to sue a couple more states. Obama took one question from the American press and it was something to do with an NFL union dispute. Now, the president is off on the campaign trail and planning his basketball party.

Confusing, to say the least. Libya? What?

Sentient Americans are left wondering whether President Obama fully intends to keep the mad-dog Gaddafi in power — no matter what.

So, perhaps we should recall the troubling connections between Obama’s spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Muammar Gaddafi. While Wright has been absent the public spotlight for most of the past two years, Louis Farrakhan has been quite present. While Obama was dancing to Motown favs, Farrakhan received notice for his customary Jew-hate, insisting that Jews — who he claims control U.S. foreign policy and banking — are trying to push us into war with his “friend,” Gaddafi.

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I have always had serious doubts about Obama’s character.  I doubt he really believes the crap that Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan spew from their hate-filled mouths, but he still hung around them.  Obama is a typical politically correct liberal, who wants to treat all crazy people as if they have ideas that are equally valid with non-crazy ideas.

That P.C. mentality is part of why Obama waiting to get involved in Libya.  Gaddafi, in Obama’s mind, has perfectly legitimate ideas about the world, even if that means hating American and committing acts of terrorism against it.

Obama ought to call up his religious mentors Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan and appoint them as ambassadors to Libya.  Maybe they can smooth things over with the mad dog dictator of Tripoli.  If not, they can stay in Libya.

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