Happy Birthday Obamacare

One year ago Monday, Speaker Pelosi and he peons rammed an assault on American values through the legislative process, disregarding the majority of Americans who want government out of their lives, not more involved in them.  From the beginning, the law was unpopular.

One year later, the law is even less popular:

Take the monthly Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. The Kaiser poll is an outlier poll that almost always indicates stronger support for Obamacare than other polls convey. Shortly after passage, the Kaiser poll actually showed respondents having a favorable, rather than unfavorable, opinion of Obamacare, by a margin of 6 points (46 to 40 percent). Since then, that margin has moved 10 points against Obamacare — from plus-6 to minus-4 — as those with unfavorable opinions (46 percent) have come to outnumber those with favorable ones (42 percent).

It’s not hard to tell why. The Kaiser poll shows that, in the intervening year, people have become more convinced that Obamacare would raise their health costs and lower the quality of their health care. Shortly after passage, the poll showed that its respondents thought Obamacare would raise, rather than lower, their health costs, by a margin of 12 points (37 to 25 percent). Now, that margin has grown to 19 points (42 to 23 percent). Shortly after passage, the poll’s respondents thought that Obamacare would reduce, rather than improve, the quality of their health care, by a margin of 4 points (27 to 23 percent). Now, that margin has grown to 12 points (32 to 20 percent).

Happy Birthday Obamacare!  May you die a horribly painful death at the hands of a Republican President and Republican Congress after the 2012 election.



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