Short Takes: 3/21/11

A union mob, on strike from Pocono Medical Center, stormed into a Northeastern PA bank, demanding to meet with the bank’s CEO, who also happens to be the hospital’s chairman of the board.  I’m surprised they were so uncivil. Not.

Ralph Nader thinks Obama should be impeached for war crimes.  Silly me, thinking Obama wasn’t aggressive enough in taking military action. Personally, I wish Obama was committing more “war crimes.” By the way, why are radical lefties the only people worried about so-called war crimes? Because they invented the loaded term, those pinko bastards!  (I’m being facetious. Okay, only a little facetious.)

Sarah Palin, while visiting New Delhi (she heard they had good salami), claimed the Republican ticket in 08 would have done better if she was on top instead of McCain.  I’m pretty sure she was joking, but for some reason the people that never take her seriously have suddenly decided to take her seriously, suggesting that she was taking a dig at John McCain.

Potential GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump, appearing on Fox & Friends, boasted that he “screwed” Gaddafi, referring to an incident where Trump rented Gaddafi some land in New York, and after outrage that the tyrant would be camping out near Americans, refused to let Gaddafi use the land (this was after Trump got paid).  I’m pretty sure renting out land has nothing to do with being President, but Trump would at least be better than Obama.  And SNL would actually be funny again.

Wireless company AT&T announced a plan to buy rival T-Mobile. T-Mobile sucks in the U.S., but the deal would make AT&T, which no longer has iPhone exclusivity, the largest wireless provider in America.  I’m against the deal, in hopes that Verizon will give me a free iPhone for my support.

Joel Cheatwood, Fox News Senior VP of Production/Development, is reportedly leaving the cable news giant to work for Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts.  From what I’ve heard, Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes has been planning to get rid of Mr. Cheatwood, who lost Ailes’ respect.  Cheatwood developed Glenn Beck’s first cable news show (on CNN Headline News) and helped bring him to Fox.  Mr. Cheatwood will probably be developing a new show for Beck outside of the Fox News universe.  Beck’s contract with FNC is up in December, and I expect him to pack his bags because FNC doesn’t want him to damage the news organization’s journalistic credibility.

That does it for today.  I plan on doing this every day, because so many things are worth a short snippet of commentary.  Few things are worthy of a long blog entry.


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