Hooray For House Republicans! Defund NPR!

NPR, National Palestinian Radio, is a perfectly legitimate news organization that is primarily listened to by affluent, urban liberals. I have nothing against the product, it just shouldn’t be subsidized by middle class, suburban and rural moderates and conservatives.

To the millions of NPR listeners out there who can’t understand why I don’t want to pay for their left-wing media outlet: Sorry, but if you like it so much, why don’t you fund it yourself?

The majority of NPR listeners are arrogant liberals who have no problem with other people paying for their media.  Most of the NPR lovers I’ve met are annoying “progressives” willing to share all their beliefs with you, assuming that everyone thinks organic hemp is the only moral clothing fiber and free-range tofu is the only moral food.  Take your stupid tofu, take your stupid hemp, take your stupid radio stations and LEAVE ME AND MY WALLET ALONE!

Yesterday the House voted to defund NPR. Finally, they are actually doing something I can get behind:

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund National Public Radio (NPR) from all public sources of funding, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), on Thursday afternoon, 228-192. Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn’s bill, HR 1076, cuts off all federal taxpayer money from being used to support NPR. The publicly-funded radio network currently receives funding through CPB and through its member stations, which are forced to use part of their federal grants to purchase programming from the national headquarters.

Lamborn’s bill also cuts NPR’s taxpayer funding from the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce and the National Endowment for the Arts. The bill does not, however, prohibit local stations from using state or local tax money to purchase content from NPR’s headquarters, nor does it prohibit them from using grant funds to produce their own local news programming.

Of course, hysterical liberals like Anthony Wiener flipped out:

By the way, sources are telling me that Click and Clack (who also write a terrible column for idiots about cars) both make around a million bucks a year, and that’s just for one show a week!

Here’s the thing: If NPR is so great, it will survive without federal funding!  If it really is the superior news product, listeners will donate more dollars, foundations will give more grants, or, God forbide, NPR could actually start accepting corporate advertisement! I can already hear the collective shreaking from NPR listeners, who take pride in getting their news from a “non-corporate” source.  Personally, I take pride in getting my news from a “non-government-funded” source.  But I guess that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives.  Libs love spending other people’s money, conservatives love earning their own.

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  1. laura l

    ”Free-range tofu”. That was well-worth checking my email. 😆