Wednesday’s Only Post

I have stuff to do, so I’ll keep this brief.

First, my obligatory KaibCast plug.  Tonight’s KaibCast is LIVE at 6 PM Eastern (like almost always).  You can also listen to the program after it airs live.  I’ll be talking about whatever I feel like talking about.  Here’s the web address:

Second, an update on Japan.  Apparently the Japanese government and the Fukishima nuclear plant company are downplaying the full scale of the nuclear disaster.  But that’s according to the French, so I don’t know what to believe. Also, the death toll is now expected to reach 25,000.

Third, an update on Libya.  Basically Gaddafi is about to completely crush the rebellion.

Meanwhile, Obama has finally made a firm decision.  About his March Madness bracket, that is.  Other stuff, not so much.



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