With All The Sh*t Going On, What’s Obama Doing?

Filling out his NCAA bracket (hat tip to Mike Flynn of Big Government):

Japan is suffering from a natural disaster that threatens to turn into an existential crisis. Colonel Q-ball has unleashed a blistering assault on pro-democracy rebel forces.  Large swaths of the Middle East are in turmoil. The federal government is bleeding red ink, with absolutely no end in site. The economy sucks and is getting battered by skyrocketing commodity prices and a volatile oil market. Near-record numbers of Americans are leaving the work force. If the world isn’t quite on fire…it is at least approaching a slow burn.

But, what’s all that against a little MARCH MADNESS!

Mike Allen’s Playbook reveals that today, Barack Obama will take some time to fill out his bracket for the upcoming NCAA College Basketball tournament. The Commander-in-Chief’s picks will be released tomorrow on ESPN.

While I have no problem with Obama filling out a bracket, I think it is outrageous that he actually reveals his picks to ESPN, as if anyone gives a damn.  This is just another in a long line of events that shows Obama is not a serious President.

Over the weekend, Obama went golfing.  I have nothing against golfing, but when Japan is wiped out and Libya is on fire,  you would think he would have better things to do.  Yes, Obama needs leisure time, but he also needs to DO SOMETHING.

His weekly radio address did not address the situation in Japan, instead focusing on women’s history month.  So far, I haven’t heard much from Obama on Japan.

When it comes to Libya, Obama keeps calling Gadaffi’s actions “unacceptable,” yet he does nothing to stop them.  If it is unacceptable, institute a no-fly zone and send in a black-ops team to take out Gadaffi.  Don’t make high-minded pronouncements that you have no intention of backing up with action.


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