NPR Executives Gone Wild: All New Fundraising Girl Exposed

Betsy Liley, who had a supporting role in the first NPR video from James O’Keefe, is the star of an all new video released by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas:

New video released Thursday afternoon indicates National Public Radio intended to accept a $5 million donation from fictitious Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust – and that the publicly funded radio network might have helped MEAC make the donation anonymously to protect it from a federal government audit.

When a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam asked, “It sounded like you were saying NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?” NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, Betsy Liley, responded, “I think that is the case, especially if you are anonymous. I can inquire about that.” According to conservative James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas organization conducted the NPR sting organization, the man posing as Kasaam made two follow-up phone calls to Liley after their lunch.

Check out the rest of The DC’s reporting here.

I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the entire 45 minute video yet.  NPR’s P.R. must have, because they have released this statement:

“The statement made by Betsy Liley in the audio tapes released today regarding the possibility of making an anonymous gift that would remain invisible to tax authorities is factually inaccurate and not reflective of NPR’s gift practices. All donations – anonymous and named – are fully reported to the IRS. NPR complies with all financial, tax and disclosure regulations.”

Hot Air has had very good coverage of this, so you should check it out here.

Hot Air and The Daily Caller are two of my favorite web sites.


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