Teachers Aren’t Overpayed. They Are Over-Benefited.

In my opinion, teachers should be paid more (as long as they are good).  In the wake of the union battle in Wisconsin, a bunch of lefties are accusing conservatives of attacking teachers.  Jon Stewart recently “exposed” teacher’s lavish five-figure salaries in a bit of satire pointing out that conservatives are going after teachers but defending tax cuts for the wealthy.

The problem isn’t the fifty-grand salary. It’s mostly the pensions which are unsustainable, and the teachers’ pensions aren’t the real problem.  The other government workers (bureaucrats and the like) are the ones that are sometimes overpaid, especially when adding benefits and pensions to the equation.

Teachers aren’t the villains.  They are, in many ways, the victims of their own unions, which defend the lavish benefits and pensions of the other government workers.  We are in a fiscal crisis in America.  State governments simply DON’T HAVE THE MONEY to continue to give public-sector workers such great perks, but teachers should not be scapegoated.  The unions and their Democrat enablers are to blame.


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