Fired MSNBC Hack Reporter David Shuster is Still a Hack

Cable news blogger Johnny Dollar does a great job exposing the anti-Fox News lies.  Most recently, David Shuster’s lies:

He’s not a reporter, but he plays one on twitter.

In preparation for his new venture into ‘investigative journalism’, fired MSNBC reporter David Shuster has been polishing his skills on Twitter. But if the first rule of a journalist is to get the facts right, he may have a tough road ahead. On March 1 he said:

  • Anybody know if FNC has been asked today about Gingrich/paid contributor now that he has officially formed a prez exploratory committee?

Of course, Newt didn’t form an exploratory committee on March 1; the news reports said he was expected to announce his intention to form one later that week. Shuster got it wrong. In fact, Gingrich still hasn’t formed an exploratory committee.

Then just today came another FNC-related revelation from the intrepid reporter:

Try not to be surprised that ‘journalist’ Shuster is against freedom of speech, and focus instead on the fact that once again he is wildly, utterly wrong. Fox News has been available in Canada for years. But plucky Shuster was so euphoric that he dug that hole a little deeper:

Dollar does a great service exposing the idiots for who they really are.  Shuster is one of the most pathetic losers out there.  Read the rest at Johnny Dollar’s Place.


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