Yes, I’m Really Running For President (Not Really)

In order to bring a fresh perspective to the 2012 Presidential contest, I will be covering it as though I were a candidate.  I have officially formed an advisory panel which will look into creating a campaign working group which will recommend if I should form an exploratory committee which will ultimately decide if I should join the race for the GOP nomination.  No, I won’t really be running.  But by pretending to, I will be able to offer criticisms of the candidates in an original way and offer up potential solutions to the many problems facing our nation.  The blogosphere is filled with lots of boring political commentary.  I’m going to make sure that the 2012 election isn’t boring.

My “campaign” website is here:

And here’s the awesome KaibCast from Wednesday night (featuring new open and close music):

*Please do not come after me FEC (Federal Election Commission).  In many respects this campaign is satire, which is protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  But just because it is satire doesn’t mean it won’t be serious.  I take my responsibilities as a blogger very seriously.

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