Please Consider Running for President

My message to all potential GOP Presidential candidates:  If you really believe that Obama is taking America in the wrong direction, you MUST run for President.  That includes you, Mr. Christie.

You can’t just stand on the sidelines, occasionally complaining about the policies that have come out of Washington.  Get your ass into the arena and fight on the national stage.  RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  If you think you can win, which Christie does, then you are obligated to run.  If the GOP field is a bunch of has-beens like Gingrich, Huckabee (who just said something stupid), and Romney, then we might as well just give up and let Obama run unopposed.  Huckabee is a Republican version of Jimmy Carter, Romney is a liberal who enacted ObamaCare on the state level, and Gingrich is a tired old man who cheated on his dying wife.

So far, the alternatives to the has-beens have been mediocre at best.  Tim Pawlenty doesn’t exactly bring a lot of excitement to the race, and Mitch Daniels is pretty boring, quite frankly.  I like both Governors, but they need to step up their game if they want a snowball’s chance of beating Obama.  Christie brings a lot of guts to the table, but he doesn’t want to have the entire Democratic Party attacking him (it’s bad enough with the New Jersey Dems).

I figure this time is as good as any to make my announcement.  In order to bring a fresh perspective to the 2012 Presidential contest, I will be covering it as though I were a candidate.  I have officially formed an advisory panel which will look into creating a campaign working group which will recommend if I should form an exploratory committee which will ultimately decide if I should join the race for the GOP nomination.  No, I won’t really be running.  But by pretending to, I will be able to offer criticisms of the candidates in an original way and offer up potential solutions to the many problems facing our nation (and I’ve already got a campaign website).  And in closing, I would like to thank the brave men and women who serve this nation and keep her safe.  May God bless all of you, and may God bless the United States of America!

UPDATE: Here’s one person who should never run for President:  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.  She ‘s the subject of a juicy story at The Daily Caller:



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6 responses to “Please Consider Running for President

  1. laura l

    It’s pretty bad when Sarah Palin does a better job with the ‘birther’ issue than Huckabee. Dumb and dumber.

    • Yep. Not sure why Huckabee did that. For all the times he’s been on TV and radio, he had to slip up, and on a local radio show. If you are going to destroy your political career, at least do it on a national TV show like Charlie Sheen.

  2. laura l

    It’s like they forget that everything comes out. There is no ‘private’ venue where you can say something pandering or idiotic, and no one will find out about it.

  3. laura l

    And speaking of Charlie Sheen, are The Goddesses’ skanks, or is it just me?

  4. laura l

    Attractive, yeah, but like he (or anyone else) coulda picked them up at a bus stop.