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Media Matters Lies About Bill Sammon

Fox News D.C. Bureau Chief Bill Sammon has come under fire for allegedly lying on-air.  This is according to the far-left, Soros-funded Media Matters organization, which now admits that its goal is to “sabotage” Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.  So much for being a “media watchdog.”

Turns out, it’s Media Matters that is lying.  Below is video from Lee Stranahan, who exposes MM’s lies.

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My Reaction to Obama’s Libya Speech

So last night President Obama spoke to the nation.  I thought he was going to make everything clearer.  He didn’t.  I think I’m just as confused as the next guy:

Mr. Obama sought to add coherence to a month of mixed messages on Libya. He has said Mr. Gadhafi must go, but isn’t personally a military target. The mission first was to establish a no-fly zone, but escalated to heavy bombardment of ground forces. It ostensibly was humanitarian, but the Libyan government says the U.S. has killed civilians. Obama promised the mission was restricted to preventing Gadhafi from killing rebels, and hasn’t provided arms to the rebels to use against Gadhafi. Although the president said NATO will take over no-fly zone and other military operations this week, the U.S. will continue in supportive roles.

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Obama’s Libya Speech: My Reaction As It Happened

Here’s my post from Tuesday morning in reaction to Obama’s speech:

Below are the notes that I took during Obama’s Libya Speech.  I’ll have more analysis on Tuesday (see above link).

Obama takes the podium. He’s good at looking in the camera.

Starts off by “paying tribute” to the men and women in uniform.  He’s “grateful” to the military.  Very predictable open.

Notes that America doesn’t like to use military, but we have a responsibility to act.

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Short Takes: 3/28/11

Donald Trump has released his birth certificate, as the attention whore continues his “birther” crusade.  At this point, Trump is no longer a serious candidate.  The so-called “birther” thing is stupid.  Obama was born in Hawaii. Arguing otherwise just makes you look like an ass.

Is nothing sacred? The White House Easter Egg Roll is going green, so add that to the list of things that environmentalists have ruined.  It’s bad enough that I can’t flush my toilet because it uses almost no water. Now Easter is being destroyed by the greenie weenies too?

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Obama Addresses the Nation on Libya

Tonight, President Obama will speak to the nation regarding the Libya intervention:

President Barack Obama plans to address the nation at 7:30 p.m. ET Monday following calls from across the political spectrum for the U.S. leader to clarify America’s role in the U.N.-authorized military mission in Libya.

Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized the president’s policy in the war-torn North African nation. Among other things, they have questioned the purpose of the mission, as well as its cost, endgame, and consequences for the broader Arab world.

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KaibCast Week in Review #5

Stuff happened. I talked about it.

Friday’s KaibCast: 3/25/11

Thursday’s KaibCast: 3/24/11

Wednesday’s KaibCast: 3/23/11

Tuesday’s KaibCast: 3/22/11

Monday’s KaibCast: 3/21/11


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The Truth: The Left-Wing Media Are Hypocritical

This past week provided me with two great examples of liberal media hypocrisy. I will rant about them for this week’s edition of The Truth.  First, the Huffington Post, after receiving complaints from far-left/quasi-Marxist organization Color of Change, announced that conservative Andew Breitbart’s articles would no longer be featured on the front page of the site, due to Breitbart’s ad hominem attacks on far-left 9/11 truther (and former Obama “green jobs” advisor) Van Jones.

Second, Jon Stewart interviewed Fox News anchor Bret Baier and showed an ignorance of Fox News programming.  Like all Fox-haters, he’s only seen a few clips on Media Matters (a far-left media “watchdog” funded by evil billionaire George Soros).  Stewart’s interview wasn’t very hypocritical, but he often criticizes the media for doing things that he does himself.  Rather than man up, he hides behind the “but I’m a comedian” curtain that somehow allows him to be a hypocrite without getting in trouble for it.

So first up, the Breitbart story.  For those who don’t know him, Andrew Breitbart is an internet media entrepreneur who’s started popular sites like Big Government and Big Journalism.  He also worked with liberal Arianna Huffington to develop her website.

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